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Starlings Java

I wonder if a bird drank KAWF-ee …

Would it order it to go from the “fly-by” window at Starbucks Starlings Java?


Would it order one shot of expresso or two?

I suppose that would depend on the species of bird…

“I’ll take a Tall, Skinny, Half-Decaf, No-Whip Mocha, please!”

How do you like your coffee?

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday! 🙂

P.S.  I enjoyed reading your responses for my dancing bird last Wednesday!  I got my boot off my foot and I can start wearing a shoe again!  Hoorah!!  A good reason to dance!  🙂

The Pinion Bird

Perhaps you have heard of the Pinion Bird?


As in Ohhh, there goes another Pinion Bird…

There seems to be at least one in every Oh-Pinion-ated Family!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!!

Cheers!  🙂

A Bird Of A Different Color

I wanted to mix things up for today’s Weird Bird Wednesday.  So I created a few mixaphors for my bird using scissors to creatively carve its shape.

As this bird evolved, one discovered that…


Clothes Lips don’t make the bird…


And a horse bird of a different color…


May be the cat’s bird’s pajamas after all!


Never judge a book bird by its cover (up).

Cheers!  🙂


What is a mixaphor?  No, it isn’t an adult beverage…

It is mixing a metaphor which is a figure of speech that leaps from one identification to a second one and is inconsistent from the first one.  Sound confusing?  Well, it can be and that is the goal with a Mixaphor to create confusion instead of a fusion of effects.

Here is my example of a mixaphor:


I encourage you to mix up your metaphors today!  If anything it will give you a chuckle or two!

Some days it’s fun to be a horse of a different color dancing to his own drummer…

Cheers!  🙂

Got You Covered!

Look who showed up today for Weird Bird Wednesday!!!

Harold!  You do remember Harold, don’t you?


Well, he got me covered for today’s post!  Or perhaps those feathers (or leaves) you see are for another bird?  Hope you fly on over here next Wednesday to find out!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday, friends!!

Chirp!  (Bird speak for Cheers…)  Lol!  🙂

It’s A Crock!

The cross-legged, cross-eyed Crock* was amazingly brilliant at solving crossword puzzles:


*Crock(slang) a lie, exaggeration or nonsense.

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!!  (Yes, it’s back!!!!)

Hope I give you a smile today!  🙂

A Craven

I bet you didn’t know there is a bird that is a cross between a Raven and a Crow  called a Craven!

I discovered that Cravens are normally quite timid birds except this one that is rather bold:


Let me share my “Designer Secrets” with you!  First I started with a sketch of a raven in pencil:


Next, I ripped pages from this old magazine – looking for interesting colors and patterns:


Lastly, I used a glue stick to fill my bird shape with the torn papers.  I added a hat at the end as he looked like he needed one!  Lol!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!  I hope I brightened your day!  🙂

Greater Wisdom

As I was creating this old “Duffer” for Weird Bird Wednesday


I wondered how long do birds live?  So I discovered online at National Geographic, that the World’s oldest Flamingo, whose name was “Greater” and lived at Australia’s Adelaide Zoo, was put to sleep at age 83!  The bird was suffering from severe arthritis and was nearly blind so the zookeeper felt it was the humane thing to do.

An Albatross named “Wisdom,” may be the oldest bird to give birth.  At age 62, she hatched a new chick, possibly her 35th baby!  She was still going strong in 2012 living at the Midway Atoll Wildlife Refuge in the Pacific.

I also learned online at Wild Birds, that larger birds tend to live longer.  Check out this link to find other longevity records of banded birds in the wild:

One final note about this old Duffer bird, who was a member of this golf club:


Rarely did he get one stroke under par, (a birdie), two strokes (an eagle) was unheard of and three strokes, (an albatross) was never on his scorecard…

Maybe you know other old duffers who belong to the same club?!

May your day be above par!  Cheers!  🙂

A Rare Sighting

We interrupt this scheduled post to announce a rare bird sighting… or maybe it’s a creature feature?!

A Splodge was spotted in Oaxaca, Mexico with his female partner, Splotch and their 3 offspring:  Blot, Botch and Spot…


One has to have an eagle eye and creative mind in order to spot such a rare find:

It also helps to have the very, talented Hannah at HannahBanana Crafts to mention the word, “Splodge,” in a comment to me on her blog.  This word led me to Splotch which states is perhaps an origin of spot, blot and botch…

Thank you Hannah for the inspiration for my crazy birds!  😉

Happy Creating!

Bird Banter

2016-1-17 Bird Banter

Backyard birds banter about bird bandings behind bird bath!

Happy Monday!  🙂