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Life Is An Adventure!

I’m not much of a shopper.  I don’t really like going to the Mall.  I’d rather buy art supplies.  However, sometimes I am forced to go.  Like today.  I needed a new pair of sandals – something with good arch support.

JBU Sandals

I found a sandal called, “JBU.”  I had no idea what the letters meant so I googled it and discovered, Jambu Footwear.

I decided to draw the bottom of my sandal for my journal today.  I liked the flower design.  It reminded me of a doodle.  I never would have thought this to be an interesting subject – a shoe.  However, Danny Gregory at Sketchbook Skool drew a pair of shoes – old, warn out shoes with paint splatters.  They were his son’s shoes – an artist in the making.

The advertisement on Jambu.com talked about life being a journey and an adventure.  I liked this idea.  I wonder where these shoes will take me?

Perhaps these sandals will take me to a park to draw some flowers?  Or maybe out to lunch with friends?  A walk in the woods over a mossy, green path?  I do not know!  Yet, I do know that new adventures await for me each day – I just have to put one sandal in front of the other!

Happy Creating!