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A Saturday Riddle

Q:  What starts with an A and ends with an M?

2016-1-8 Collaged alphabet A-M

A:  Half a collaged alphabet of course!

Can you guess all the different ways I created my letters?

I will share my answers with you on Monday, January 11th – so stay tuned!

Have an AWESOM(e) day!  hehe!  🙂


As many of you know, I enjoy taking online classes from Carla Sonheim.  These are the past year long classes I have taken from her:

2013 – My very first online class – The Year of the Giraffe:

May collages 3 & 4

2014 – The Year of the Fairytale – here is the Frog Princess:

The Frog Princess - Vassilissa greets Ivan at the Palace

2015 – The Year of the Spark – and my first year of blogging:

Sparkly Doodles

2016 – Y is for Yellow!  Why don’t you join me?!

Yellow creature

The new class for 2016 is going to be about completing a body of artwork.  If you’d like to find out more about it, Carla has posted a short video:


Happy Creating!  🙂