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Sweet Summer Time…

Summers in the Pacific Northwest where I live, seem sooo short!

I can’t believe we are already in the middle of July…

The lake water is FINALLY getting warm with SUN at last!

I have decided to take a short blogging break and enjoy –

Sweet Summer Time!

And paint! I look forward to sharing more discoveries in my watercolor nature journal with you:

Happy Summer!

Cheers! ūüôā

Painting On Vacation – Part 1

I thought that¬†you might enjoy seeing my watercolor paintings in my art journal¬†during my lake vacation.¬† I posted them on Instagram but I know that some of you aren’t on IG so this is for you!¬† And it is kind of fun to see them all together.¬† ūüôā

I have decided to show it in two posts.  Here is my first week:


I started with a simple leaf study on Sunday, July 17 and painted it 3 times.  I have the actual leaf in the photo above.  It was really fun to paint it more than once.

On Monday, July 18, I painted this view from the beach.¬† I haven’t done too many landscapes so it was fun to try one:

On Tuesday, July 19, I gathered a few rocks from the beach and painted them.  I found painting beach rocks to be very meditative:


When walking in the woods on Wednesday, July 20, I discovered this rare find – it is called, Indian Pipe or Ghost flower:

It was one of my more difficult subjects to paint as I had to paint the shadows.

Thursday, July 21, we had a perfectly, blue-sky kind of day!  The best weather all week.  I found this Thimbleberry Bush and clipped a couple of stems to paint:

On Friday, July 22, I painted this dragonfly from a photo I had taken previously.  I really liked how it turned out:


On Saturday, I painted this more complex subject of Bunchberries from a photo I took from a walk along a path:

I ran out of time and patience on it.¬† I wasn’t pleased with my background but I decided to give it a rest.¬† I kept reminding myself that it is about practice NOT perfection…

On Sunday, July 24, I tried another challenging subject – beach toys on the beach from this photo:

I learned a lot during my first week of painting while on vacation.¬† I enjoyed trying a¬†variety of subjects and I didn’t give up when I struggled.¬† YAY!

I’m not sure I would have painted in watercolor EVERY day if it wasn’t for Charlie at Doodlewash¬†who started¬†World Watercolor Month for July.¬†¬†(Note the¬†group is now called, World Watercolor Group).¬† ¬†Thanks Charlie for inspiring me!

I will post my photos for the second week of my lake vacation on Thursday, August 4th.

Happy Painting!¬† ūüôā

Bits And Pieces

I used to love to draw faces in sketchbooks when I was in my teens.  I quit because I let the ideas of others influence me.

Well, I am happy to say, I’m back at it! ¬†And this time, I’m adding bits and pieces of collage:


She looks to me like a young girl who loves the outdoors!  Perhaps she enjoys running on the beach with her dog, Sam or reading books of mystery on the sofa.  Would love to know her story, how about you?

I started her face with watercolor pencils:


Then added water to soften my lines:


I added some details with  Prismacolor Dark Umber color pencil:


And finished with torn pieces of collage from Gelli prints that I made previously with deli paper:


The colors blend a little better in better light.

Happy Creating! ¬†ūüėä

Precious Puddles

It FINALLY rained¬†this weekend!¬† In case you haven’t heard on the news, the Pacific Northwest is raging in wildfires!

We are hoping the rain¬†today and¬†(hopefully) during the week and the cooler weather – will help¬†ease the work of¬†firefighters¬†in our area and stop the destruction.¬† The smoke has been so bad, it has been difficult to breathe¬†the air or see the mountains!¬† So today I took¬†these photos after the rain at the lake¬†to share with you….

Grab you raincoat and your boots and let’s jump in some puddles!

puddle in road

A daisy for your thoughts:

daisy under fence post

A fall leaf floating in a puddle:

gold leaf in puddle

Burnt tree bark from area fires on the beach:

burnt bark on beach

Storm clouds over the lake:

rain clouds over the lake

We continue to pray for rain!

Thanks for taking a walk with me and splashing in some puddles!

Happy Monday!¬† ūüôā

Little Me – Painting BIG

I have been working on a large acrylic painting of me as a child playing in the sand on the beach Рhere is the completed painting:

Little me on beach acrylic painting completed

I started my painting by covering a 20 x 30 inch illustration board with gesso.  After it dried, I sketched my image from an old photograph with vine charcoal:

Beginning sketch of me on beach

As part of the online class, “Year of the Spark,” Carla Sonheim instructed¬†us to try sketching ourselves from a photograph¬†in several different ways – one of them being eyes closed!¬† Eeek!

After choosing a favorite sketch, (with my eyes open), I started dry brushing Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics by filling in sections of my painting with different colors.  Much like coloring as a child:

first layer of paint of me

I wasn’t really happy with the colors I chose, so I let my painting sit for about a week.

Yesterday, I decided to add some Golden Fluid acrylic paint with my 5 x 7 inch Gelli Plate.  Using my Gelli plate like a large stamp, I stamped colors and patterns over my painting:

gelli print added - better photo

I started liking my painting better.  I then added more layers of acrylics with a dry brush Рadding details to little me and bringing a cohesive feeling to my background:

acrylic paintin of me - almost complete

I added the beach ball – even though it wasn’t in my photo!

I wasn’t almost done but after taking a photo of it, I realized I needed to ground myself in the painting.¬† So I added some rocks by stamping a sponge and bubble wrap in paint:

Little me on beach acrylic painting completed

I was happy to get it done.¬† I’m not sure it really looks like me:

old photo of me for painting

But that’s OK.¬† I learned that painting BIG is a lot of work!¬† Not sure it’s my thing.¬†¬†Creating is a process of filtering out what I enjoy and don’t in art.¬† This one is definitely in the later category!¬† LOL!

Happy Creating!¬† ūüôā

Welcome To The Beach!

I thought you might enjoy these photos I took at the lake this weekend.

Put¬†your sandals and let’s go to the beach!¬† ūüôā

A view from a pine tree.  Take a deep breath and smell that fresh pine scent:

pinecone view to beach 7-10

Look some rocks left over from a child’s sand castle:

rocks on beach 7-10

Dig your toes into the wet sand!  Awww!  Now, have a seat and enjoy the view:

Sandy feet 7-10

Oh, look!  There is a Spotted Sandpiper on the shore:

bird on beach 7-10

Looks like it’s time for a bird bath!¬† ūüôā

bird shaking tail feather in water 7-10

One last photo – a reflection of the clouds in the water:

lake reflection 7-10

Glad you could come along for a visit!

Enjoy your day!¬† ūüôā

She Sells Seashells…

I collect vintage postcards.  This one has an one-cent US stamp on the back:

She sells sea shells

Last summer I learned to paint a crab and seashells from Fred Lisaius:

Beach scene watercolor

I found a photo online for the black starfish.  I used photos or real shells for ideas and the rest were imaginary.  It was so fun!

Fred is a very talented artist and a wonderful teacher!  I recommend you look up his work online.  He is teaching an acrylic painting class in July.  You can find out more from this link.

I hope to paint more seashells by the seashore (lake) this summer.

Happy Creating!

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Harold is ready for summer, are you?

Harold completed

I thought you might enjoy seeing my steps for creating Harold.

First I drew Harold in pencil and then I outlined him with a black micron pen:

Harold - the outline

Next, I decided what parts of him I wanted to use my gelli-printed papers on:

Gelli-print patterns on Deli paper

I outlined his shorts, hat brim and towel with tissue paper to use as my pattern and then cut them out (I will glue them down later):

deli paper cut outs

Using Copic markers, I colored a base coat:

copic markers for base color

I added color pencils for more color, shading and feathers:

add color pencil for shading

Then I glued down my paper cut-outs with a glue stick and added details with my black pen:

Add gelli cut outs and detail with black pen

I wasn’t liking my beach ball, so I decided to cut-out a new one from a gelli-print.¬† I added some pan pastels to soften the background:

Harold completed

And Harold is ready to enjoy the beach!

If you would like to see more of Harold, he is categorized under “Weird Birds.”

HAPPY Creating!

A Pile Of Pinecones

I thought you may enjoy a day at the lake with me.¬† So grab your sunglasses…

Chimney Rock

This is Chimney Rock.  You can see there is still snow on the mountains.  I will never tire of this view at Priest Lake, Idaho.

Oh, look Рthe wild strawberries are in bloom!  I look forward to the sweet burst of flavor in these little red gems:

Wild strawberries in bloom

Ah, the sun feels so good, doesn’t it?¬† You can see it reflecting off the water.¬† Not much wind today just a gentle breeze.

Dock and water reflection

Come on, let’s go to the beach!¬† I saved you a chair right by the water so you could relax and breathe in the fresh air…

beach with chair

And watch the waves gently¬†caress the rocks and sand –

rocks on beach

As you and I get ready to leave, you notice the wild rose bush unfurling its tender green leaves.  New birth next to the dead, dried rose hips from last fall.

wild rose bush

We linger for one last moment, next to a pile of pinecones.

A pile of pinecones

Listening to a woodpecker tap a tree, its rhythm reminding us that it is time for us to leave, this place of heaven on earth.

(No birds today – I will make-up for it tomorrow!)

Happy Creating!