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A Path In The Woods – 1 of 3 Posts

I took some amazing photos this weekend by a creek that I’d like to share with you.  I have written a poem that I am dividing into 3 posts.  I hope you enjoy!

I walked the path today:

a path in the woods

You know the one…

In the woods:

the woods

By the creek:

granite creek

Where the Cedar trees grow:

amazing cedar tree

And moss covers the rocks like a plush green carpet:

moss covered rocks

My next post for my poem will continue on Wednesday!

May my photos give you peace like a walk in the woods brings me…

A Leaf Study

It feels like fall is in the air!  I especially notice it at the lake as the leaves start to change colors, the temperature cools in the evening and the days start getting shorter.

Summer is my favorite time of year but I also like fall.  I love all the autumn colors!

Last fall, I took an online watercolor class from Fred Lisaius where I did a leaf study:

Fall Leaf Study

I liked the simplicity of the assignment and how the shading brought the leafs to life!

So this year, I decided to start gathering some leaves and berries:

leaves and berries

And start studying them in my art journal.

I have lots to choose from in my yard:

shale leaves and berries

And I plan to collect a few at the lake too!

What do you like best about fall?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Journaling!  🙂

A Spider’s Web

I discovered this spider in its handiwork recently because the sun was illuminating it.  I am always amazed how they weave their webs.  They are a work of art!

spider in its web

I found this poem by Jonathan Platt on the internet that I enjoyed:

Silk-thin silver strings woven cleverly into a lair,
An intricate entwining of divinest thread…
Like strands of magic worked upon the air,
The spider spins his enchanted web –
His home so eerily, spiraling spreads.

His gossamer so rigid, yet lighter than mist,
And like an eight-legged sorcerer – a wizard blest,
His lace, like a spell, he conjures and knits;
I witnessed such wild ingenuity wrought and finessed,
Watching the spider weave a dream from his web.

Happy Saturday!  🙂

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder – Part 2

The experiments with the magazine collages led me to create this beaded wall hanging that I created in 2008: Ms. C - beaded wall hanging It started me on a new path.  I created my beaded collage with a story in mind. Close-up of Ms. C beaded I want to introduce Ms. Chardonnay to you!  I created her “dress” with the flavors and aromas of Chardonnay wine. Ms C close-up of beadwork Such as melon, a pear, green apple and peach!  Can you find them in the photo above? close-up of tiara Ms. C is a former beauty queen from California!  🙂 This is why she is wearing a tiara! One of the reasons I started blogging is because I enjoy writing stories.  So I have decided to stop waiting for the “perfect” day and start! I will be starting an additional blog soon on my wine “characters.”  I hope you will join me! Happy Creating!  🙂

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder – Part 1

I started making these magazine collages in 2007:

Beauty - Eye of the Beholder

I had some old Lapidary Journal magazines.  At the time I was doing a lot of beading.

Strange bird mag collage

So these were really fun to make!  Adding old photographs was a new experiment:

Robin a rare bird

Of course I had to add a little humor!

The birds - mag collage

The above one reminds me of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, “The Birds!”  That movie gave me nightmares for days as a kid.  🙂

Happy Creating!

Calla Lily – Not A True Lily

I was playing tonight in one of my journals – a Strathmore Mixed Media journal – with watercolors and these expressive Calla Lilies appeared:

complete with color pencils 5

Did you know that the name, Calla Lily comes from the Greek word for Beauty?

I started playing in my sketchbook with a stencil and watercolors:

stencil watercolor background 1

Despite what their name suggests, Calla Lilies are not true lilies. In fact, they are not a calla, either. The Calla Lily belongs to the genus Zantedeschia and is a member of the Araceae family, along with the caladium and philodendron.

I then added some pencil lines and more watercolor:

pencil sketch - 2

 The Calla Lily is also known as the pig lily, trumpet lily and arum lily, and begins to blossom in late spring.

I continued to add more watercolor layers and the flowers started to take shape:

more layers - 3

Why is the name so misleading? Because the Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus made a mistake when he was naming the species in the mid 1700’s. Later, the German botanist Karl Koch corrected the error and established the genus Zantedeschia, but the name stuck.

Next, I glued some of my gelli-printed deli papers to some of the flowers:

gelli prints added on some flowers - 4

The Calla Lily is native to Southern Africa, and has a remarkable strength – it can continue to grow in water and even survive frost.

I completed my piece by adding pencil and color pencils:

complete with color pencils 5

You have likely spotted classic white Calla Lilies at a wedding, and that’s because they are traditional symbols of divinity, marital bliss and true devotion.

Happy Creating!

My Love of Nature

I was looking for inspiration this weekend and I discovered these wonderful paper strip collages by Darlene Maciuba-Koppel in Art Journaling Magazine by Somerset Studio.  You may want to check out her blog: cinnamonpink.typepad.com

From her inspiration, I created this paper collage:

Nature print from past for paper collage

It says, “Keep your love of nature – for that is the true way to understand art.”

I started with a print I made several years ago using gelatin as a printing plate, (this was before the Gelli-Plate) and a variety of leaves, etc from the lake:

old gelatin prints

The above is a sampling of some I had made.  I decided to choose the one on the right and cut into strips using a paper cutter.

I used Matte Medium to glue my painted strips to 140 lb cold press paper.  In between these strips, I used pages from an old book on flowers.

I sandwiched my glued collage between wax paper and used a stack of old dictionaries to help it lie flat while it dried.

I then wrote the quote about nature I found on the internet.  I added a couple of rubber stamps – a feather and a tree.  I doodled the rest with a black pen – using the plants in my yard as inspiration, such as a blueberry bush:

blueberry bush

My assistant, Jack helped me – here he is showing off for the camera:

My cat assistant showing off

A Daylily in bloom:


And Coral Bells – but my assistant got his tail in the way:

Jack's tail in photo

May you find inspiration from nature today!

Happy Creating!  🙂

A Moose On The Loose

I wrote this moose haiku for you:

Cow moose from the woods,                                                                                                 Your size towered over our truck,                                                                           Thanks for turning back!

quick moose painting

On the way to the lake this last weekend, a very LARGE cow moose came onto the highway as we were driving.  We swerved and luckily for us, the moose on the loose decided to turn back towards the woods.

So here is a quick drawing of a moose.  So very grateful that we made it to our little home in the woods safely.

So to celebrate, here is a beautiful lake sunset for you to enjoy!

pink sunset

Cheers!  🙂

A Dazzling Sunset

Sometimes Mother Nature just wows me with her beauty!  I took these photos at the lake and hope to paint them in watercolor:

sunset - 1

sunset 2

sunset 3

sunset 4

sunset 5

It was an amazing show!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Happy Creating!

Wild Roses

I did a little “plein-air” painting at the lake.  I found that painting outdoors helped me be a little looser with my style:

wild rose bush in watercolors - loose

This is a wild rose bush that I painted – looking at this view:

wild rose bush for plein air painting

I was a bit limited with my  paint colors so I added a little contrast with color pencils at the end.

I think painting outdoors allowed me more freedom to experiment with watercolors.

I painted this postcard (last week) from a photo I posted previously:

wild rose watercolor from photo

I don’t think I was able to paint as freely when following this photo:

wild rose bush

I kept trying to add to it with color pencils and then a black micron pen and I think I lost some of the spontaneity.

I’m curious to hear which one you like best!  Thanks!  🙂

Happy Creating!