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I finished my beetle doodle that I started recently. I enjoyed working on it in the evenings.

I enjoyed adding gold ink in addition to black ink:

I started another story in my art journal. Perhaps you remember; Meet Linda and Bob – Part 2

This one is earmarked for more word play! I am using a thesaurus for my story prompts this time.

I plan to show my completed journal page this Friday… I hope you will earmark this post!

Cheers! ūüôā

One Bad Beetle

I discovered my cat, Jack playing with something in the yard the other day and found this beetle:

At first, I was excited to see it.  It had a metallic reflection in the sunshine and I thought it would be fun to paint:


Upon further research, I discovered it to be a “Large Flathead Pine Heartwood Borer Beetle.”¬† It is the beetle that I believe is destroying a nearby forest of pine trees.¬† According to the internet, the larvae of the beetle bore or dig their way through the heartwood of the tree.¬† The tunneling tends to destroy the tree’s cambium tissue which water and nutrients flow and can starve a tree to death if it’s infested.


It is hard to see these trees dying in the forest.¬† Trees take so long to grow.¬† I’m saddened that a beetle can quickly destroy it.

What worries me further is this beetle attacks other trees too.¬† I have many trees in my yard and now I worry that they may be at risk.¬† I need to find out what I can do to protect my trees from this bad beetle…

Nature¬†often teaches me lessons about life –¬†appreciate the beauty today because it may not last.

Peace Friends!