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A Dipsy-Doodle Bird

Word of the day:  Dipsy-Doodle


Hooray, Hooray! Today Is Bird Day!

A blogger friend of mine, Create Art Everyday, created a monthly challenge to create a bird for tomorrow’s post on May 8th.  She had a wonderful tutorial on Monday on how to sketch a bird.  (If you click on her site, it will take you to her post).

I decided on a Scarlet Tanager for my bird:

Scarlet Tanager watercolor completed

The photo came from another blogger, Kathy Doremus, who claims she is a backyard bird nerd but I think she is an AMAZING and very GIFTED photographer!  (I found out about Kathy from Create Art Everyday on Monday).

I just love this blogging community!  🙂

I painted my above bird in watercolor with a little white gouache on the wings.  I messed up on getting the background perspective correct on the birdbath but I learned a ton in the process…

I also painted another Scarlet Tanager, splashing around in the birdbath:

ST in watercolor and color pencil

This one I did in watercolor and color pencil.  I was trying to create a more painterly approach as I really like how this blogger, Sand Salt Moon, does her watercolors.   She makes it look easy!  🙂

I know we each have our own individual styles in art.  The more I practice, the more my style will emerge.  I just need to keep painting!

Happy Creating!