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3 Wild Pears!

Remember my pear doodles?  If not, you see my beginning here.

Well, I got all three done recently:

Pear Doodle without shading

Don’t they look totally WILD!  🙂

I am “Pear-fectly pleased how they turned out!

I still want to do some shading with pencil to add to their dimension but I was so excited to get them done, I had to show you!

I thought you might enjoy seeing my favorite paper that I like for creating my doodles:

my favorite doodle paper

It comes in different sizes and I think you can get it cheaper at Dick Blick online.  I got this one at my local art supply store.

The pens I used for this doodle are Zig Writer and Micron.

I would love to know what you think about it!

Happy Creating!  🙂

Pear Chutney

Did you know that chutneys are of East Indian origin?  I love to make them for their mix of sweet and sour ingredients.

The October issue of Cooking Light magazine has a delicious looking “Pear Chutney” recipe that I’d like to try.  They suggest serving their recipe with the bread, naan.  I also like to serve chutneys with pork chops and chicken.  How about you?

I started creating this pear doodle recently:

3 doodle pears - 1 done

It reminds me a little of a chutney – a “mixture” of patterns and lines.

I like the shapes too.  The first one has a typical pear shape and looks rather “sweet.”  The next 2 pears add a little “spice.”  What do you think?

It is a work in process so I will post the completed piece when I get it done.

Happy Creating!  🙂