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Bizarre Blobs

Watercolor + Water + Imagination =




Bizarre Blobs…

What do you see?

Cheers! šŸ™‚

A Rare Sighting

We interrupt thisĀ scheduled post to announce a rare bird sighting…Ā or maybe it’s a creature feature?!

A Splodge was spotted in Oaxaca, Mexico with his female partner, Splotch and their 3 offspring:Ā Ā Blot, Botch and Spot…


One has to have an eagle eye and creativeĀ mind in order to spot such a rare find:

It also helps to have the very,Ā talented Hannah at HannahBanana Crafts to mention the word, “Splodge,” in a comment to me on her blog.Ā  This word led me to Splotch which Dictionary.comĀ states is perhapsĀ an originĀ of spot, blot and botch…

Thank you Hannah for the inspiration for my crazy birds!Ā  šŸ˜‰

Happy Creating!