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Blue And Greens

Blue and green colors remind me of summer.  I recently took these photos at the lake:



I created this pattern in my art journal during my lake vacation.  Yesterday, I wrote this haiku:


It says:  Floating on the waves, Cool water supports me, I’m weightless and free.  I’d like to remember this feeling of freedom.

I created the pattern with a black pen first and then added the watercolors.  I found it very meditative to paint.

I start feeling a bit “blue” this time of year knowing that summer will be ending soon!  Yet, I do look forward to cooler days as the “greens” start to fade into the golden colors of Fall.

Wishing you a Fabulous Friday, friends – EnJOY the colors of your day!  🙂

My Head In The Clouds – Part 2

Remember this watercolor painting from yesterday?

watercolor clouds - a map or anteater

Well, I kept adding more layers of watercolor to it and outlining the colorful shapes with my black micron pen (02 size).

And this is what I got:

doodle like tree bark

It no longer looks like clouds but tree bark!

Cedar Tree bark

Could it be a Cedar Tree?

white pine tree bark

Or perhaps a White Pine?

I don’t know but it was very fun to do!

close-up of doodle like tree bark

Happy Creating!