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The Figure In Motion

I was doing some gesture drawings today with soft vine charcoal:

gesture sketch 3

According to Wikipedia, the primary purpose of gesture drawing is to study the human figure in motion.

I did my sketches in 30 seconds or less:

gesture sketch 2

And I used PoseManiacs.com as my reference for my drawings.  This site is great because you can time the pose for 10 seconds or more!

Searching the internet I discovered an awesome YouTube video by Ryan Woodward – the gesture drawings are animated to music.  It is really fun to watch so I hope you google it!

gesture sketch 1

I really enjoyed this exercise!  Do you practice gesture drawing on a regular basis?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Drawing!  🙂

I’ve Been Doodlewashed!

Doodle wash logo as photo

I’d like to thank Charlie at Doodlewash for featuring me as a guest on his blog yesterday!  Charlie, I have so enjoyed our recent art collaborations!  🙂

Charlie does amazing art himself – but he also invites other artists as guests on his blog.  Be sure to check out his blog if you haven’t done so already!  🙂

I feel blessed to be apart of the Doodlewash family!  Thanks so much Charlie!!

And I’d also like to thank all of you –  my friends for your likes, kind comments and encouraging support about my art too!  So glad I’m on this journey with all of you!



Hoorah, Hoorah! It’s Draw A Bird Day!

Laura at Create Art Everyday – inspired me to create this bird for today!  Be sure to check out her blog for a list of all the FABULOUS artists who are participating in this monthly, “Draw A Bird” challenge.

So here is my collaged California Quail in my art journal:

CA quail - completed

I started by doing a quick sketch in pencil:

CA Quail - quick sketch 1

I then added an assortment of collage papers to create my quail:

CA Quail - step 2 collage papers

I used a variety of papers such as sheet music, postage stamps, a recipe, map, a photo of a fish head, rick rack packaging – to name a few!  Can you find them?

I finished by outlining my quail with a black pen and adding some water soluable wax pastel crayons to the background with a little water:

CA quail - completed

Have a happy day!  🙂

What Has 3 Hearts?

Charlie O’Shields at Doodlewash, sent me a couple more abstracts that he recently did in watercolor!  Here is one of them:

Charlie's Abstract - before

I enjoy the challenge of finding images in abstracts!

Here is what I found immediately in this one:

Octopus in Charlie's abstract

An Octopus!  Did you know they have 3 hearts?

This discovery made me want to learn MORE about octopuses!

So I sketched one in my art journal and looked it up on Wikipedia to learn fun facts about this – Cephalopod:

Octopus sketch in journal

I see a future doodle that is currently swimming around  in my head!

Thanks Charlie for the inspiration!  🙂

Happy Creating!

The Spotted Nothura

The very talented Charlie O’ Shields over at Doodlewash (which you can find his blog here), recently gave me his permission to use an abstract watercolor painting he created on his blog.

After looking at his abstract for several days, I was able to “spot” a bird in it:

I spotted a bird

A Spotted Nothura to be exact!  Yes, this is a REAL bird and not one of my imaginary ones!  LOL!

With the help of one of my favorite bird books:

My bird book

This bird seemed to FLY off the page at me!  🙂

For one thing, this bird had spots.  And Charlie’s abstract had spots (or splatter):

Charlie's Abstract painting

Now, I DO realize that the actual bird does not have the same color of spots as my bird…  this is where artistic freedom comes into play!

I learned from my book, “Extreme Birds” that this bird is considered the “worst flier.”  This bird is from the tinamous species which only fly when under extreme pressure, (ground predators).  “They are heavy, muscular birds with big feet, but their wings and tail – aerodynamic essentials – are decidedly small for the size of the bird which is approximately 24 to 25.5 cm (9.4–10.0 in) in length.  Often when this bird makes an emergency takeoff their control lets them down, and they find themselves crashing into objects, such as trees or rocks, often killing themselves.”

I decided to “ground” my bird to keep him safe:

The completed bird

Using the remainder of Charlie’s art paper, I created the background and added a little color with Inktense pencils.  It is an abstract after all!

Thanks Charlie for the challenge!  🙂

Happy Flying!

S is for Sunflower

Today I will show you how I made my Sunflower on my wood block:

best photo of sunflower block

I started by making some sketches in my journal:

1 - Doodle sketches for block

Next, I sealed my wood block with a coat of gesso.  After it dried, I drew my image on with a fine point black Sharpie marker:

2 - gesso painted and drawn design on block

Mixing Golden Fluid acrylics and Liquitex Gloss Medium, I painted my block yellow and then added some colors on my sunflower:

3 - painted yellow & other colors

I wasn’t liking my colors real well, so I decided to paint it red and sand it:

4 - painted red & sanded

I then added more paint:

5 - more paint

And sanded it again:

6 - sanded again

I liked how it looked kind of old or vintage.  So I finished the back side by gluing a piece of scrap paper and a quote I typed on the computer.  I painted it so it looked old:

7 - back side of sunflower block

Next, I nailed small nails into my sunflower on the front and painted the nail heads yellow:

9 - added nails & painted & S

I also added an “S” sticker to the bottom left corner.

I finished it by attaching eye hooks to the edges and stringing a wire with a few beads for it to hang:

10 - Added beads on wire

I will probably add a coat of varnish before I hang it outdoors…

sunflower block in sunshine

I really like how the sunlight reflects the nail heads!

Hope you enjoyed seeing how I created my sunflower!

Happy Creating!  🙂

Welcome to my Block Party!

I have been busy working on my art block from last week’s challenge and look forward to seeing or hearing what you created too!  🙂

Here is my finished block – a Sunflower:

completed sunflower block

And on the back, I included this saying by Helen Keller:

back side of sunflower block

Tomorrow, I will show you my process on how I did it!

Happy Creating!  🙂

Birds Of A Feather…

In September of 2014, I joined an online challenge to create a bird a day (any art medium) for 101 days.  I’d never focused on creating art EVERY day or on ONE subject so I wanted to give it a go!

I joined the challenge with two international friends, Corinne and Kathrin that I’d met by taking online art classes from Carla Sonheim

Feathered Friends

“Feathered Friends”

Corinne set up a Flickr group – 101 Birds or More – where we posted our bird art and shared our journey together.

I learned a lot from this challenge!  One of the things was having the support and encouragement of my friends and others commenting on the Flickr site really helped me complete my goal.   Much like running a Marathon, when one of us started falling behind, the other one cheered us to the finish line!

I also learned that I knew very little about birds!  I was just beginning to touch on this subject and so I wanted to continue my journey.

It amazes me that each of us has continued to create birds!  It is enjoyable to watch our styles emerge and change over time.

We continue to support and encourage each other in our art.  Each of us has started a blog.  Corinne Bekker’s blog is Corinne Maakt  and Kathrin Werner’s blog is Kathrins World of Colours  – I hope you take a moment to visit their blogs.  Corinne likes to experiment in a variety of art mediums like myself and Kathrin’s birds will make you laugh!

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”  – Thomas Merton

Happy Creating!