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Air Cool And Crisp

We closed up our lake place yesterday.  My feelings are bittersweet.  I will miss the mountains, the lake, our friends and our weekend “get aways!”  Yet I’m looking forward to being home, snuggling with my cat while reading a good book and creating more art!  🙂


Brilliant blue sky,

Air cool and crisp…

Clouds form –


Pinecones fall,


Leaves change…

And Autumn begins!

Wishing you a Sunny Sunday Friends!  🙂

A Fall Doodle – Finished!

Remember when I started this doodle in my sketchbook?

I recently completed it!  I really like how it turned out, how about you?  🙂


It is fun to look back and see my progress:

The finished size is approximately 6 x 8 inches.

Now I’m excited to start a new doodle –  Maybe I will use this photo of my honeysuckle with its autumn berries as my inspiration!


Aren’t the colors just AMAZING?!!!

Have Fabulous Friday Friends!!!  🙂

Just Leaf It

I love looking at leaves in the Fall.  I am always fascinated by their shape, color and design like this one that has a few holes in it that I found at the lake:


And here is its backside – isn’t it funky?  Its pattern is what attracted me to it in the first place!


I enjoy playing with leaf patterns from my memory and imagination too – like I recently did with an Elegant Writer pen in a 9×12 inch watercolor sketchbook:

I’m in love with this pen!  🙂  It is so fun to add water to it and watch it change!  A lot like leaves “magically” change color in the fall.

Yet, I wondered what would happen if I added “fall” color to my leaves?  So I added my Neocolor water soluble crayons and a little water…


And they MAGICALLY came to life!!  May color add a little MAGIC to your day…

Cheers Friends!!  🙂

A Fall Doodle

I recently started this doodle in my sketchbook:


I am reminded of attending our local fair by this doodle.  When I was in high school, I would take a spin or two on some of the rides.  Now I think it would make me dizzy…lol!

The air is starting to turn crisp here in the Pacific Northwest.  And the leaves are just starting to change colors:


It is one of my favorite times of year.  How about you?  What is your favorite season?

Wishing you a Fabulous Friday!  And perhaps a weekend to enjoy the beauty around you!


Cheers Friends!  🙂

Blue And Greens

Blue and green colors remind me of summer.  I recently took these photos at the lake:



I created this pattern in my art journal during my lake vacation.  Yesterday, I wrote this haiku:


It says:  Floating on the waves, Cool water supports me, I’m weightless and free.  I’d like to remember this feeling of freedom.

I created the pattern with a black pen first and then added the watercolors.  I found it very meditative to paint.

I start feeling a bit “blue” this time of year knowing that summer will be ending soon!  Yet, I do look forward to cooler days as the “greens” start to fade into the golden colors of Fall.

Wishing you a Fabulous Friday, friends – EnJOY the colors of your day!  🙂

A Path In The Woods – Post 3 of 3

I started my poem on Monday of this week and posted my second part on Wednesday.   Here is the completion of my poem.

I walked the path today:

the path for day 3

You know the one…

Where the Yarrow grows wild:

yarrow for 3rd post

By the creek:

the creek day 3

And nature unfolds her beauty:

purple flowers for day 3

As one season ends and the next one begins:

the gold fern for 3rd day post

I hope you have enjoyed taking a walk in the woods with me.  🙂

Happy Friday!