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Don’t Let The Fox…

Guard the hen house!

This old proverb was first recorded in Contre-League in 1589.  It means:  Don’t put somebody in a position where they will be tempted of wrong doing.

Here are a few quick sketches of a fox:

Quick fox sketches

And here is my blue hen in watercolor:

Lesson 5 chicken

Fowl Play – Part 2

This post is a continuation of yesterday’s post on the chickens, Wattles and Combs…

Could they be the famous Coach Combs and his Assistant, Wattles – From the ALL-STAR Egg Toss Game?

Sporty Chickens - 4

“Ref, that was a FOUL on my player, Jerry Bird!”

I know!  They must be that FUNNY comedian duo – Wattles and Combs!

Comedian Chickens - 5

Delivering joke on the fly –

Q:  What is the most musical part of a chicken?

A:  The Drumstick!

I hope this chicken humor cracked you up!!!   HAHAHAHA

Fowl Play – Part 1

After my chicken post yesterday, I started thinking about my title – Wattles and Combs…  It sounded somewhat familiar and then it hit me!

Is this Detective Sherlock Combs and his Partner, Dr. Wattles?

Detective chickens - 1

Solving crimes of Poultry I’m sure!

Or are they Wattles and Combs, Bail Bond Lawyers for Jailbirds?

Lawyer Chickens - 2

Helping defendants that have been deemed a high flight risk!

Perhaps they are Chef Combs and Waiter Wattles from the Roost Restaurant?

Cooking Chickens - 3

Come home to the Roost,                                                                                          Friendly smiles give you a boost!                                                                                Where food is served extra hot,                                                                                       But you’ll never find, chicken in a pot!

To be continued….tomorrow!  So stay tuned in for more chicken humor, served with a smile!  🙂

Wattles and Combs

I was drawing a chicken in my sketchbook last night.  It prompted me to google the difference between a Rooster and a Hen.

The obvious difference of course is a Rooster crows and a Hen lays an egg.

But when a chicken is born, how does one tell which one is male and female?

My hen and rooster

Well, it turns out that Roosters have tall, upright and larger combs than hens.  The comb is on top of the chicken’s head.  Also, the wattle which is the lobe that hangs down from the throat of the bird is often very large in a mature rooster compared to the hen.  When a rooster is young, its combs and wattles are redder than a hens.

Just a little chicken trivia for your day!