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Life Is A Dance

The recent passing of my father-in-law has brought memories of my own parents and their deaths.


Before my own father died – 5 years ago, my sister and I were reminiscing on childhood memories.  One that I remember vividly as a child was my father dancing in his socks and me standing on his feet, hanging onto his pant leg – I felt so grown up!  And I thought I was dancing!  😄

Here is a photo of my sis and I as little kids:


My sister was almost 4 years old in this photo and I was just four months shy of turning 2. I think this was about that age when I used to dance with my dad.

The older I get in life, I learn that – Life is a dance and you learn the steps as you go!  I’d like to believe that I’m getting a wee bit wiser.

Happy Dancing!  ❤️

Great, Great, Great Aunt…

Mildred was a little eccentric in her style sense:

Great Aunt Mildred

She was related to Midge.  You remember Midge, don’t you?  She was Barbie’s best friend:

Barbie and Midge

Midge had a much better sense of style than her great aunt:

Fanch dress up clothes

I know I’m dating myself here a bit…but I remember the Midge doll.  My sister and I would play Barbie’s for hours with our friends.  Most of our doll clothes were handmade by my grandma and mom.  We loved to look through this little booklet (shown here that I found at an antique show!) and dream about these outfits.

front page of Barbie booklet

Maybe this is one reason I like making these silly paper collaged outfits for people I do not know… as it reminds me of my childhood.

Anyway, I hope this makes you smile today!  🙂

And remind you of your childhood  – I’d love to hear about your Barbie doll memories!