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Carousel Of Lights

Carousel of lights,

Forgetting winter’s cold bite,

Brings our eyes delight!


My hubby and I were at Coeur d’Alene, Idaho yesterday.  I took these photos outside at the marina.  The resort puts on a Christmas light show every year.


I enjoyed looking at the mountains too and how peaceful the lake is in winter.  We did see one boat on the lake in 12 degrees!  Brrr!  Too cold for us!


Wishing you a day to relax and enjoy the beauty around you… wherever you live!

Peace Friends!  🙂

Soft Blanket of Snow

I took this photo outside last night.  I thought the snow was so pretty falling on this tree that we have decorated with lights:

snow tree in yard

Soft blanket of snow

Covered the trees like a quilt

Cool comfort tonight.

Cheers!  🙂