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The Surfer Bird

The Surfer Bird has become extinct and is now known as a shore bird…


Perhaps you have seen a Surfer Bird dude hanging out near your favorite beach with the shore birds!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Hang-Ten Friends! ūüôā

Circles Of Joy

If I was to describe¬†my art journey¬†in seven words today… I’d¬†say; “Creating art with¬†JOY makes me happy!”¬† ūüôā


How would you¬†describe¬†your¬†creative journey in seven words?¬†¬† And if it isn’t where you want it to be in your¬†life¬†– maybe write it as YOU envision it!!

Cheers!¬† ūüôā

Circle Of Friends

Remember the paper circles that I recently posted?  If not, you can find it here.

Well, one of the reasons I was cutting out circles was to make these 3 minute postcards:


An assignment from Carla Sonheim recently in her year-long online class was to create a quick postcard with these 5 perimeters:

  1.  Use a round piece of collage
  2.  Add a drawing that interacts with your circle collage
  3.  Add a splash of watercolor paint
  4.  Add a word or two РI used rubber stamps
  5. Add the color, orange

And here are a few more postcards I did:


Some days it’s fun to give yourself perimeters to create art!¬† And postcards are great because you can send them to a friend¬†and say, hello!¬† ūüôā

I hope you¬†take time to play and create something¬†fun for you¬†today…


And maybe put a stamp on it and send it to a friend!!

Cheers!! ūüôā

Poking Holes

It is interesting to me how one art¬†experiment often leads me¬†to another…

In this case, poking holes in my paper, led to playing with circles – first with Tombow markers:


Then cutting circle shapes from a variety of papers and stamping acrylic paint with a wine cork and adding a little glitter:


And using the holes from the previous page to add an interesting layer:


I’d love to hear how¬†an recent art experiment led you to an unexpected outcome!

Cheers! ¬†ūüôā

Raining Buttons

It has been raining most of the weekend here in the Pacific Northwest.  I find doodling in the evening keeps my hands busy and I enjoy creating patterns and playing with color.

I created these two pages of circle patterns recently in my new art journal and they remind me of buttons:


I found this quote on the internet:

“I cannot count my day complete, ‘Til needle, thread and fabric meet.” – Author Unknown¬† I used to find joy in cross-stitch, then beading and now mixed media art…

For me today, “I cannot count my day complete, ‘Til pen or brush¬†and sketchbook meet!”

Wishing you a Sunny Sunday, Friends…

“In the crazy quilt of life, I’m glad you are in my block of friends!”¬† – Author Unknown

Cheers!¬† ūüôā

Returning To Work…

I’ve recently had to return to work in my husband’s business.¬† It has been an adjustment for me.

I find simply creating something – no matter how small or simple, helps relax me in the evening after work.¬† I’m reminded that it isn’t completing a masterpiece that is important but just doing some ART¬†that brings me JOY!¬† ūüôā

I started¬†a new (purchased) journal today from Strathmore (since my handmade journal is still in process) –

I love the soft cover and can’t wait to decorate the inside cover like I suggested in yesterday’s post!

It was relaxing to draw circles with Tombow¬† water soluble markers (and Artist Loft which are a cheap brand at Michael’s).¬† ADD water with a water brush¬†and then MAGIC happens when the colors blend together!

I started to add some highlights of my white space with a black Micron .01 pen:

This is so FUN!¬† I love the colors and can’t wait to finish dooding!

Happy Creating!¬† ūüôā

Juicy Red Tomatoes

Sometimes it is just fun to play with watercolors.  Below I made circles with paint and then lifted my sketchbook so the colors could run and blend together.  Cheap fun!


And for my next two watercolor experiments, I played with brush sizes to create simple tomatoes:


I like the last one best which surprised me.  Nothing like a big fat brush to create a juicy, red tomato!

Happy¬†Painting!¬† ūüôā

It’s A New Day

Remember the art tote bag that I showed you last week?  Well, I figured out how to patch the holes!  I also added color to the bag!  (You all know how much I like color!)


Isn’t it totally wild?!¬† ūüôā¬† I printed it with¬†Golden Fluid acrylic paints on my Gelli plate yesterday.¬†¬†I covered the holes with circles I cut from deli-printed gelli prints:


I used a stencil to cut out the colored circles and ironed on a fusible web stabilizer to the papers.¬† I then sewed the papers over the holes on the bag.¬† It was a bit tricky to sew so my lines aren’t too straight.¬† I may¬†finish the edges with hand stitching – I haven’t decided yet.

On the other side of my bag, I sewed 3 colored circles:


I like the colors on this side best!  I used stencils and Spirograph circles to make my patterns with my gelli plate.

I think my art tote bag looks so much better now.¬† ¬†I’d love to know what you think!

Happy Creating!¬† ūüôā