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Hey, Sweetie!

I was researching the Black-capped Chickadee and discovered on Allaboutbirds.org that its song differs depending on where the bird lives.

“In most of North America, its song is a simple, pure 2 or 3 note whistled fee-bee or hey, sweetie.”

Black capped Chickadee watercolor

Here is a watercolor painting I completed of two Black-capped Chickadees.  Part of the exercise was learning how to paint a stone wall and fence in Val Webb’s online class.  It is my last assignment for this class but I will keep painting and learning about birds!

Did you know that the Black-capped Chickadee is one of the first birds that people learn about?  I’m not sure I have ever seen one in my area.  But now I’m going to be listening for its song of 3 to 4 notes of the same pitch.

Do you know what tune this bird whistles where you live?

Happy Bird Watching!

My Alarm Cat – Jack

My cat has decided to be our early morning wake-up alarm cat.  About 4 am, he starts batting at the blinds in the bedroom.  This is our cue to let him outdoors.   My husband usually gets up and lets him out – we have a door in our bedroom to our deck.  My husband can easily go back to sleep.  Me not so much.

So the other morning, when my cat, Jack started extra early at 2 am – he got thrown out into the hallway and our bedroom door shut.  This is when he started doing cartwheels in the hallway:

cat doing cartwheels

At least this is what it sounded like!  The cat hates being put in “time out.”  After meowing for several hours, I finally let him out at 5 am.  So I’ve been feeling a bit sleep deprived this week.  This reminds me a little of Simon’s Cat on YouTube.  There are several cartoon videos but my favorite is Wake-Up.  It makes me laugh every time!

cat expressions

Cats have a way of showing up in my art journal.  I have always been a cat person.  My sister was the dog person.  Cats don’t require as much care – supposedly.

Carla Sonheim is teaching a short online class on drawing cats that is only $25!  It starts on June 16th.  If you what to check out a 1 minute video on her class, go to this link:  http://www.carlasonheim.com/cats-online-class-with-carla-sonheim/

I hope you will join me in this FUN class!

cat in art journal

Now I’m off to take a cat nap…

Happy Creating!  🙂

And The Birds Were Singing A Creative Tune…

I enjoy taking online art classes.  They help me learn about new art mediums and think outside the “Crayola” box.

I’m currently taking a class from Diane Culhane called, “Doings of a Do-o-dle.”   In a recent assignment, we grew up a doodle – meaning we took a one small doodle we created and enlarged it (3 x’s the original size) on the copy machine.

Doodle on black mat

Next, we colored each copy in color pencils.  My first one I colored with gray tones (see above).

The second one in cool colors:

Doodle on Teal mat

And the third copy in warm colors:

Doodle on Orange background

It is interesting to me how all three images are the same but look totally different because of size and color.

From this class, I created one continuous doodle in a circle:

story doodle in blk and wht

I then colored it with markers and color pencils:

Doodle story in color

I call it my story doodle.  I’m trying to create a story to go with my art!

How many birds can you find in my story doodle?

Happy Creating!