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Dresses Of Red And Gold

“Come, little leaves,” Said the Wind one day; “Come to the meadows with me and play.  Put on your dresses of red and gold; for summer is past and the days grow cold.”                   – George Cooper

I was inspired by these leaves in their autumn dress:

To create this mixed media piece in my art journal:


Wishing you a beautiful day, Friends!  🙂

PS.  I’m posting later than normal because I was having computer issues yesterday…

Birch Tree Inspired

I remember the big white Paper Birch tree that my parents planted in their front yard.  As kids, we took its lovely shade and beautiful white bark for granted.  It was a shame when it became diseased and had to be chopped down.

I planted a River Birch in my yard a few years ago.  It is supposed to be more resistant to disease.  It has a light pink bark that peels.  I love how it dances in the wind like yesterday when I snapped this photo.  It’s leaves are starting to change from green to gold and look dazzling against this brilliant blue sky:


It was my inspiration to play with patterns in one of my sketchbooks.

I started with loose sketches of leaves in Neocolors (water soluble crayons) and then painted yellow india ink over the leaves.  I also added a blue background with the india ink – using Dr. Ph. Martin’s colored ink.  I have never “painted” ink on before – how fun!


I finished it by gluing some of my Gelli-printed deli paper on top with a glue stick:


It was very relaxing to just “play” and I encourage you to give it a try!  🙂

Did you have a favorite tree when you were a child?  I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Experimenting!  🙂

Seed Pods And Sunsets

I finished my mixed media art piece that I started last week.  If you recall, I was influenced by a photo I took of a Lupine flower’s seed pods. The last progress photo that I showed you is on the left or here, next to the completed piece on the right:

I like how the added collage papers (printed on my Gelli-Plate) give it more depth.  I added a few more patterns with a white gel pen too.  I plan on framing this one!  🙂

We’ve been having some awesome sunsets which I appreciate even more because we have several wildfires burning in our area.  When we have clear skies, it is a definite reason to celebrate:



May these beautiful sunsets inspire you in your art like a simple seed pod did for me.

Cheers!  🙂

Flowers Of My Imagination

I just love flowers!  They bring me so much JOY!

Did you know that the Lantana flower is a member of the Verbena family?


My Bellflower is blooming again that I painted previously here in my art journal:


And I have new blooms on my dwarf Daylilies, that I previously painted and collaged in my art journal:


I created this quick doodle in my art journal that shows the flowers of my imagination:


Wishing you a Sunny Sunday and a chance to enjoy the flowers that bloom in your imagination!  🙂

A Snow Bird?

I wrote this poem in December 2007 for my Christmas letter:


Oh, bird of snow, where do you go

into the clouds so high?

Do you touch the angels wings

and help the snowflakes fly?

Do you land on boughs of fir

in landscapes of pure white?

And do you ever sing a song

that brings our ears delight?

And now on a more humorous note…


 “Somehow Clara understood, this was NOT what it means to be a snow bird!”

I wish I could “fly” south for the winter!  Four seasons are for the birds!

Hope this gives you a smile today!  😄


As many of you know, I enjoy taking online classes from Carla Sonheim.  These are the past year long classes I have taken from her:

2013 – My very first online class – The Year of the Giraffe:

May collages 3 & 4

2014 – The Year of the Fairytale – here is the Frog Princess:

The Frog Princess - Vassilissa greets Ivan at the Palace

2015 – The Year of the Spark – and my first year of blogging:

Sparkly Doodles

2016 – Y is for Yellow!  Why don’t you join me?!

Yellow creature

The new class for 2016 is going to be about completing a body of artwork.  If you’d like to find out more about it, Carla has posted a short video:


Happy Creating!  🙂