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Cactus and Flowers

Hello Friends,

Thank you for your good wishes for my recent surgery.  I so appreciate it!  🙂

I have been drawing Cactus and flowers in my sketchbook since my last post and coloring them with different markers such as Tombow, Copic and Artist’s Loft (an inexpensive brand from Michael’s Store).


Did you notice the paper collage for the Cactus planters?


I was excited to buy U.S. postage stamps with Cactus on them this week!


Happy Friday!

Cheers! 🙂

Bird Watching

I think I saw a Mountain Chickadee on my Crabapple tree yesterday morning…

That was before my cat, The Bird Watcher scared it away!

It was my inspiration for a page in the art journal that I told you about in my post here:  The Art Of Noticing


I must say, it was super fun to color with my Prismacolor pencils in a rainbow of colors!  I felt like a child again.

What creative activities help you feel young at heart?! ❤️  I hope you share them with me.

Happy Bird Watching!  🙂

A Colorful Doodle Fish

I had planned to create more than fish this week but life has gotten in the way!  So here is my doodle fish I drew with a black Micron pen earlier this week:


Last night I colored it with markers and color pencils – very fun! And colorful!


What do you think about coloring books for adults? Have you purchased them?

I find doodling and coloring to be very calming… how about you?

Cheers! 🙂

Some Strange Fish

I apologize but I was unable to create a new weird bird for today…

But I do have Some Strange Fish!


Luckily, I drew these last weekend when I was feeling better.  Coloring them was relaxing with Tombow markers and color pencils – much like this school of fish I created in 2015 –  here.

Hope these imaginary fish give you a smile today!

Cheers! 🙂

Drawing Is Thinking…

I love this quote by Graphic Designer, Milton Glaser:


Drawing is a form of meditation for me…  And so is coloring my designs.

What is drawing for you?  I hope you to share it with me!

Cheers! 🙂

Doodle Play, Coloring and Encaustics

I was doodling in my art journal on Wednesday.  I decided to add color with color pencils:

Doodles in art journal June 3rd

There is something calming and satisfying about coloring.

Rebecca at The Painted Pear, recently posted some of her ADORABLE giraffe drawings to print and color.  I plan on coloring them!  You can find them here at this link.

As I was coloring my doodles, I discovered that I could cover some of them with my transparent gelli prints and still see some of the doodle underneath.  Can you find them in my drawing?

I was playing with a circle stencil to create my doodles.  This was a new adventure for me.

Speaking of adventures, last year I took an online class that was an introduction to painting with encaustics – taught by Stephanie Hargrave, (hosted by Carla Sonheim).

Transparent & Color Mixing - Green I did myself

Encaustics is painting with wax.  The above piece I created with a torch and many layers of wax.

It requires good ventilation so I only do it when I can open a window during the summer.

Lesson 8

You can do quite a lot with this medium.  Such as add paper, drawings, old photos, thread, carve it and many other techniques.

I was very excited to learn that Stephanie was going to be teaching another class that starts this month on June 23.  If you’d like to see what I will be learning, you can click on this link.

Maybe I will include some of my doodles in my encaustic paintings!  🙂

Happy Coloring!