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Cotton Candy

Did you know that Cotton Candy was invented by a dentist?!

According to Wikipedia, Dr. William Morrison invented the spun sugar with confectioner John C. Wharton in 1897.

I painted this abstract in acrylics recently:

abstract - second layers

It has a cotton candy sort of feel to me.

Cotton Candy was first introduced at the 1904 World’s Fair as “Fairy Floss.”    They sold  68,655 boxes at 25¢ per box.  Sweet!

I started my painting on a 11 x14 canvas with Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic paints:

Lesson 4 - different angle

Yes, I do like bright colors and cotton candy!  LOL!

In 1921, Dr. Joseph Lascaux – another dentist from New Orleans, Louisiana – invented a similar cotton candy machine.  His patent named the sweet confection “cotton candy” and the name stuck!

An automatic cotton candy machine was created in the 1970s (maybe another dentist) which made the product and packaged it. This made it easier to produce and available to sell at carnivals, fairs and stores.  It has since exploded in production!

I’m not sure if I’m finished with my abstract painting yet.  I decided to set it aside and “chew on it a bit…”

Will you be joining me to celebrate National Cotton Candy Day on December 7th?  Who knew?

Have a sweet Friday!