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Daisy Doodles

I painted these daisies in watercolor from my imagination.  However, I wasn’t totally pleased with them so I jazzed them up with Tombow markers, white gel pen, color pencils and a black Micron pen:


I especially like the lettering, “D” is for Daisy Doodles…

I have decided to take a little blogging break this week and will be posting on Instagram instead.

Wishing you all a fabulous and creative week ahead!

Cheers! 🙂


Weeds Or Flowers?

Some people see weeds…

I see a field of flowers,

Growing wild and free.


I took this photo yesterday at the lake.  We had such a beautiful weekend – sunny and warm.

These daisies are considered weeds in the State of Idaho but I think they look so pretty!

Happy Monday!  Cheers! 🙂

A Garden Fairy

One never knows when a “Garden Fairy” will appear!  It may start with an amazing sunset:


And a few wild daisies:


Perhaps some blue sky and almost ripe cherries…


And some colorful flowers in old bucket or two:


And then magically she appears…


With some fairy dust for you!

Wishing you a magical day!  🙂

Dog Fennel?

I painted this postcard size watercolor at the lake:

Wild Daisy postcard

I painted it outdoors – this was my view:

fence post and daisies

I used a little artistic liberty and removed the green sewer pole sign.  My intention was to paint the daisies.  I discovered that it was not easy to paint small daisies…

Painting these “wild daisies” motivated me to get out my book on wildflowers when I got home:

Wildflower Field Guide

I still struggled to identify them.  So I took a closer look:

close-up daisy photo

And with the help of the internet, I believe they are a member of the Aster family.  There most common name is Mayweed.   They are also called Stinking Chamomile and Dog Fennel.

According to USWildflowers.com, “Anthemis cotula is an introduced species which is now found in every state in the United States and in most of Canada.  It can be invasive, and is officially listed as a noxious weed in Colorado and Nevada.”  I had no idea!

I kind of like the name Dog Fennel.

dog at lake


I encourage you to discover a new flower this week!  🙂

Happy Creating!

Three Cheers For May! Hip Hip Hoorah!

I created this collage/painting recently in Diane Culhane’s Doodle class.  The colors remind me of summer!

acrylic paint & gel medium painted over gelli deli paper

I completed the assignment my own way of course!  🙂

I started by drawing my doodles directly onto canvas with a Sharpie pen:

Doodle on canvas with Sharpie

I combined several doodles together –  And included a bird!

Next, I glued my gelli-printed deli papers to the canvas.  I like how the pen lines show through and the papers add more patterns:

Canvas doodle covered with deli gelli-print paper

I then “painted” over the top with acrylic paints mixed with gel medium to create my finished piece:

acrylic paint & gel medium painted over gelli deli paper

This was so fun!  I want to explore it further at a later date!

YAY!  It’s May!  This is the beginning of trips to the Lake!  It is the “beginning” of summer for me!  Hip Hip Hoorah!

Lois and Glenmar in 2009 at lake

Laughter and friends and sunshine…

There is nothing better than spending time with our friends at the lake!  We have so many wonderful friends and memories!  We feel so blessed!  🙂

Daisy in pot at lake 2013

Three Cheers for May!  Hope you have a happy day!

As a friend recently reminded me, “Life is not a dress rehearsal!”  So kick up your heals, smell the flowers and laugh!!!

You are worth it!!!