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A Little Art

Hello friends,

I am feeling much better and happy to be blogging again! YAY! ūüėÉ

I couldn‚Äôt stay away from creating in my art journal for too long…


And discovered this sketchbook to be the perfect size for a little art!  


Sometimes I think I have to make something BIG for it to be considered as ART…


Yet, this is not true!  After all, flowers come in all shapes, color and sizes so why not art?

And art journaling isn‚Äôt about a MASTERPIECE…


But EXPLORING and creating…


And experimenting with different art mediums!

Who knows what discoveries I will make by creating¬†a little art in my journal…


I encourage you to give it a try!

Plant¬†a little art¬†today…


Cheers! ūüôā

Making Faces

I’m enjoying Lynn Whipple’s new online art class called, “Making Faces.” ¬†Lynn brings such energy and playfulness to her classes!

This quick sketch I did yesterday with Tombow markers and soft pastels:


If you’d like to learn more about Lynn’s online class go to CarlaSonheim.com

One of the things I enjoy the most about taking online art classes through Carla Sonheim is the friendships I have made through the years.  I learn a ton from the teacher(s) but I also learn from my classmates!  It is an AWESOME experience!! 

Cheers! ¬†ūüôā

P.S.¬† Lynn’s class gives me new inspiration for the “100 Day Project” that I’m doing on Instagram.¬† This is face number 56/100.

Dog Fennel?

I painted this postcard size watercolor at the lake:

Wild Daisy postcard

I painted it outdoors – this was my view:

fence post and daisies

I used a little artistic¬†liberty and¬†removed the green sewer pole sign.¬† My intention was to paint the daisies.¬† I discovered that it was not easy to paint small daisies…

Painting these “wild daisies” motivated me to get out my book on wildflowers when I got home:

Wildflower Field Guide

I still struggled to identify them.  So I took a closer look:

close-up daisy photo

And with the help of the internet, I believe they are a member of the Aster family.  There most common name is Mayweed.   They are also called Stinking Chamomile and Dog Fennel.

According to USWildflowers.com, “Anthemis cotula is an introduced species which is now found in every state in the United States and in most of Canada.¬† It can be invasive, and is officially listed as a noxious weed in Colorado and Nevada.”¬† I had no idea!

I kind of like the name Dog Fennel.

dog at lake


I encourage you to discover a new flower this week!¬† ūüôā

Happy Creating!