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A Dragon?

I was shopping at the grocery store and came across this interesting looking fruit…perhaps you’ve seen it:


It’s called a Dragon Fruit or Pitahaya.  According to Wikipedia, it is the fruit of several cactus species indigenous to the Americas.  This one came from Vietnam.

I saw it as an opportunity to draw and paint an unusual shape!

Here is my sketch with a black micron pen and a little watercolor:


The fruit is white with black seeds and slightly sweet:


I peeled off the outside pink skin and then sliced the flesh.  It was fun to try something new!

Have you ever had Dragon Fruit?  How do you prepare it?

Enjoy your day!  🙂


An interpreter by day…

Dragon man

And a dragon by night!

Word of the Day:  Dragoman  [draguh-muh n]  noun                                                1. (in the Near East) a professional interpreter.

I realize this is a bit strange…  I created it late at night when I’d had a glass or two of wine!  LOL!

Hope it makes you smile!  🙂

HAPPY Friday!  Cheers!

Dragon’s Breath

My husband and I went out to dinner the other night to a local German Restaurant.  My husband asked the waitress for a German beer recommendation.  She suggested a beer called, Dragon’s Breath!

This sparked my creative juices because I had just started another drawing and painting class with Val Webb.  And guess what?  I was painting a dragon!

My Dragon Bird - 1

Here is my dragon painted with gouache on hot press watercolor paper.  As you can see, he is part BIRD!

If you have never drawn anything that is fantasy, I suggest you give it a try!  Since it is totally from your imagination – it is very freeing to create.

I wasn’t totally satisfied with my dragon so I decided to add color pencils:

My Dragon Bird - 2

I like how the Prismacolor pencils really brightened it up!

Oh, and for those of you who are still thinking about the Dragon’s Breath Beer, here is a link that tells about it:


I can’t guarantee that it won’t give you dragon’s breath, however!