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The American Robin

I haven’t drawn a REAL bird in awhile so I decided to try the American Robin.  

I have been observing them outside my kitchen window snacking on dried red berries from my crabapple tree.

I started with a light pencil sketch on 140 lb cold press watercolor paper before I added a wash of color:


The robins have been fluffing up their feathers to keep themselves warm since we still have winter with more snow on the way! ;-(  Apparently, the robin’s body temperatures are 104 degrees Fahrenheit so by fluffing up their feathers they keep their bodies warm.

I finished my painting by adding details with watercolor pencils:


I will be adding this American Robin to my mixed media sketchbook.  I will show you my completed page next Monday.

When I see a Robin in winter, I will picture them a little differently now.  A sauna comes to mind… perhaps there is a future weird bird here! 🙂

Happy Friday!

Cheers! 🙂

P.S.  If you’d like to see a previous post I did on a Robin, you can find it here:  An American Robin   It is wonderful to look back and see how I am making progress in my drawing and watercolor skills!

Shake Your Tail Feathers!

It seems I forgot that yesterday was Draw A Bird Day – unofficial of course but celebrated on the 8th of each month by some of my talented art and bird friends! 🙂

I may be a day late but I can still shake my tail feathers!


Celebrating that the weekend is here!  Hoorah!

Cheers! 🙂

Common “Redpoll” – 2

I haven’t drawn a bird for “Draw A Bird” day in awhile… so yesterday I decided to give it a try in my Alphabet Journal:

The letter “R” is for (Common) Redpoll:


I sketched my bird in pencil, added Micron pen in brown and black ink, color pencils and white gel pen.  It was a good way to de-stress from my day! 😉

I painted this bird in a more whimsical style that you can find, here from 2016.

What a great little red hat this bird wears!

Cheers!  🙂

P.S. I almost didn’t create a post for today because my hubby and I were busy moving his mother into a retirement home so she could receive more care.  But I needed time to unwind so this was my way to relax!  Phew! 😯

Three Turtle Doves?!

I was listening to the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” yesterday…when these three wild birds showed up!


Wishing you a HAPPY day while singing this joyful song…

Cheers!!  🙂

Singing The Blues

I was once again inspired by Kathy’s photos at Backyard Bird Nerd to create this quick sketch of a Blue Jay in pencil for Draw A Bird Day – the 8th day of each month on WordPress that many of my blogging friends share with their fabulous bird drawings, paintings and photos!  🙂


I didn’t have time to paint it in watercolor tonight so I’m singing the blues!!  I hope you return tomorrow to see my finished painting in my art journal!

Happy Bird Day!!!  🙂

The Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

When I saw Kathy’s photos of the gorgeous Rose-breasted Grosbeak, I knew I just had to paint it!


And since today is Draw A Bird Day, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take out my watercolors and give it a whirl!

I started with a pencil sketch first:


Added a base layer of watercolor:


And finished it with several more layers:


Check out Kathy’s blog at Backyard Bird Nerd if you haven’t already!  Her photos will make a bird lover out of you!

Cheers Friends!  🙂

Kathy’s Hummingbird

Since today is “Draw A Bird Day,” hosted by Laura at Create Art Everyday, I decided to try a hummingbird.  (I hope Laura will come back to blogging as I miss her creative experiments!)

I saw a hummer on Kathy’s blog, Backyard Bird Nerd last week, titled:  “Tis The Season.”  I loved how she captured the hummingbird resting in her photo like I painted here:


I started by a pencil sketch on cold-press watercolor paper:


Next, I outlined it with a fine tip, “Elegant Writer” pen made by Speedball:


This pen is made for calligraphy but as you can see below, it activates with water:


I love the pinks that appeared from this pen!  I learned how to do this by watching the YouTube video by watercolor and mixed media artist, Karlyn Holman:


I finished my painting by adding some watercolors to my bird and softening the background:


This was a fun experiment that I hope to try again!  Thanks Kathy Doremus for inspiring my art with your AWESOME photos!

Happy Painting!  🙂

A Brown-Headed Nuthatch

I like how this bird climbs headfirst down tree trunks.  I decided to try painting it in watercolor for Draw-A-Bird-Day, hosted by Laura at Create Art Everyday.  Be sure to check out her creative mixed media experiments on her blog – if you haven’t already!  🙂


I started with a quick pencil sketch before painting it with watercolor in my art journal.  I was limited on time so this sometimes helps me to fuss less – I’m happy with the results.

Happy Bird Day, Friends!!!  🙂

Common Redpoll

I decided to try a different style for today’s “Draw A Bird Day,” hosted by the talented artist, Laura at Create Art Everyday.

I wanted to create a simple, stylized bird so this is my Common Redpoll:


According to All About Birds, “The adult male is a small, compact-bodied finch with a red cap and a rosy tinge on its breast.  They are small songbirds and often travel in large flocks.  Their buzzy zap and rising dreee calls are distinctive.”

Apparently, they are common in northern habitats in the winter.  I’m not sure I have ever seen one but I enjoyed drawing and painting them.

I drew my birds in my art journal with a .01 black Micron pen and then painted it with W&N watercolors since it is #worldwatercolormonth too!

May you be singing a happy tune today…  And Happy Painting!  🙂

A Joyful Bird

I chose a Hummingbird for my “Draw A Bird” day.  A special thanks to Nina and Kerfe at Method Two Madness for hosting this month’s challenge.  Be sure to check out their blog as they will be compiling a list of participants who created a bird today.

Here is my Hummingbird in a fine black Sharpie and watercolor:


Did you know that a Hummingbird gets its name from the vibration of its wings as it hovers or flies?  Unlike any other bird, a Hummingbird can fly backward, forward and sideways.

Don’t forget to hum as you go about your day.  May the vibration bring you JOY!

Happy Creating!  🙂