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Life Is A Dance

The recent passing of my father-in-law has brought memories of my own parents and their deaths.


Before my own father died – 5 years ago, my sister and I were reminiscing on childhood memories.  One that I remember vividly as a child was my father dancing in his socks and me standing on his feet, hanging onto his pant leg – I felt so grown up!  And I thought I was dancing!  😄

Here is a photo of my sis and I as little kids:


My sister was almost 4 years old in this photo and I was just four months shy of turning 2. I think this was about that age when I used to dance with my dad.

The older I get in life, I learn that – Life is a dance and you learn the steps as you go!  I’d like to believe that I’m getting a wee bit wiser.

Happy Dancing!  ❤️