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Quick Flower Sketches – Part 2

I hope you enjoyed my quick flower sketches from yesterday!

Today, I sketched an arrangement of “Peonies and Orchids” in charcoal:

charcoal - peonies & orchids

I then painted it with my fingers and acrylic paint:

fingerpainting of peonies & orchids

I thought it needed a little something more, so I added a few color pencils for definition:

color pencils added to flower fingerpainting

It has an oriental feel to me.  What do you think?!  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Painting!  🙂

Quick Flower Sketches – Part 1

I decided to try a few quick sketches of flower arrangements in charcoal.

I like the simple lines of these Calla Lilies:

Charcoal - calla lilies

Or this mixed bouquet in a mason jar:

charcoal - mixed bouquet

I then finger painted a single red rose on black paper from my imagination:

rose fingerprint on black paper

Finger painting really makes me capture the “essence” of a flower.  I would not have tried this exercise if I wasn’t taking the Fingerpainting – Fingerprinting online class from Carla Sonheim!

And afterwards, I sketched it with charcoal:

charcoal - a rose

It was much easier to draw than paint!  And extra challenging to paint with my fingers… but it helped me to really SEE the shape and form of my flowers.

What is your favorite flower to draw or paint or buy?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Saturday!  :-)))

P.S.  I hope you stop by tomorrow to see my painting of Peonies and Orchids!

Crazy 8’s

The word of the day at Dictionary.com is Ogdoad!  Do you know what it means?

The number 8!

I started a new online class with Carla Sonheim today called, “Fingerpainting – Fingerprinting.  I decided to create a color palette for my color journal that I previously showed you here.

And thinking of the Word of the Day, I decide to create 72 fingerprints (since it is divided by 8) for my color exploration:

fingerpainting color palette 1

I wrote down the acrylic paint colors I used on the right side.  I started with the yellow and then continued adding and mixing colors to it so the colors would relate to each other.  It was a fun exercise!

I also decided to create a few birds – with only 8 fingerprints for each bird:

the ogdoad birds

It looks like the reddish-pink (mama) bird is talking to the (blue-green) bird about it’s baby bird.  What do you think she is saying?

Now for the “crazy” part of my title!  I have been feeling a bit crazy tonight because the computer is having issues… so I am posting this late in the evening after a long day.  Always difficult to get back into the swing of things after a 3-day weekend!

Which reminds me of the card game I played as a kid called, “Crazy 8’s!”  Have you ever played it?

Oh, and it just so turns out that today – when I’m writing this is post is –  September 8th!  LOL!

Happy Creating!  🙂