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Reproduce Print

I am very excited about a new discovery I made on my Gelli-plate recently.

It was a happy surprise to reproduce print from a dictionary page onto smooth, vellum paper that I can use for collage.

I applied a mixture of Golden fluid acrylics, colored india ink and acrylic glazing medium for my prints.

The color of the paint is what color the words print. Once the paint dries, other colors can be layered on top of it of the first print. For the example below, I printed the dictionary words in red and then layered a light yellow on top when I made a second print.

It seems that words with dark ink reproduce the best print. I am using pages from an old children’s dictionary:

Here is another example of gold paint for the words and turquoise and pink layers on top:

I am very excited about the possibilities of using these prints in my art making! I like how the words are obscured so that it gives a little mystery.

Below are some other Gelli-plate prints I made on old book pages and vellum:

I hope you have fun discovering new possibilities in your art making!

Cheers! ūüôā

Printing Imperfections

I haven’t printed with my Gelli-plate in awhile so I decided to take out my 5×7 inch plate the other day.

I wanted to experiment combining colored inks with fluid acrylics. I also added an acrylic glazing liquid.

I recorded my colors in my art journal with a pencil drawing of my paint and ink containers:

I started by printing some Ginko leaves. I normally add the paints directly to the Gelli-plate and mix them with my brayer but it wasn’t working so well with the inks so I started using a paper plate to mix them.

When the brand name logo of the paper plate started showing up on my leaf prints as you can see in the photo above, I decided to use a plastic paint palette.

The paint palette had left over acrylic paint on it but I discovered the uneven surface gave an amazing print:

It is always fun when printing imperfections lead to wonderful new ideas!

I took a 3/4 inch square punch of each of my prints and glued them in my art journal:

Now I have an idea for my October Square-A-Day project! I can’t wait to show you.

Cheers! ūüôā

Painting Pods Progress

I am still working on my Lupine seedpod painting from Tuesday


I added Golden fluid acrylics to some of the background in Cobalt Turquois and stenciled some dots with Transparent Red Iron Oxide.  I also added doodles with a white gel pen.

Next, I softened the black outlines with water:


I plan on adding some collage papers next.  Hopefully, I can complete it this weekend!

Happy Creating!¬† ūüôā

Explosion Of Color – Part 1

I usually use Golden “Fluid” Acrylics on my Gelli plate but the other day, I decided to try Golden’s “High Flow” Acrylics.¬† They are more liquid in consistency much like acrylic inks.

I discovered this video on YouTube that describes them.  I found it helpful and thought you might too:

Everything was going fine…until the lid got clogged and I kept trying to squeeze out the paint.¬† And then it EXPLODED!¬† Teal paint EVERYWHERE!!!


This is probably why I normally paint outside but on this day, I was in my kitchen.  It looked like a crime scene with blue paint!  Ugh!  Definitely HIGH FLOW!

It went all over me but then I looked behind me… I got the kitchen cabinets, the floor, the sink, the dishwasher!¬† Oh me, my!¬† It wasn’t pretty.¬† ūüė¶

I figured I had to¬†clean it¬†quickly before it all dried.¬†¬†Thank goodness¬†it dries a little slower…

I thought I would forever be seeing teal spots… I just had to laugh!¬† It was either that or cry!¬† ūüėČ

So I stayed CALM and PRINTED ON!   I will show you my gelli prints tomorrow.

I learned a valuable lesson that I wanted to pass on to you – if the lid is clogged, don’t continue to SQUEEZEEEEE!!!

Happy PAINTING!!!¬† ūüôā