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You Rock!

Remember the “Sweetheart” conversation heart candies?  Well, according to a Reader’s Digest article, the company, NECCO has been making them with the same simple recipe since 1902 when the candies were first introduced. However, early in 1990, the then vice president of the company decided to sweeten the mix by adding some new sayings.  You can find some of the new sayings, here.


Here is an example using a few new candy messages in a sentence:

A sure recipe 4 love may be a table for 2 so you can chill out with your top dog in style – a purr fect ever after class act – so start now!  😉

My sweetheart surprised me with these beautiful flowers in my favorite colors:


Happy Valentine’s Day my friends!  You Rock!  🙂

Use Your Noodle!

When I was a child, my dad sometimes told me, “Use Your Noodle!”  which means use your head or brain.  🙂

So here is my version of a Noodle Fish:

My Noodle Fish

If you want to read more about this REAL fish on Wikipedia, click on the underlined link below.

I found it interesting that the Noodle fish have translucent or transparent bodies, and lack any scales.   Wow!  And they have numerous teeth!  Eeeeeek!

I used my gelli-printed paper for the background and my fish.

This fish preludes (hint, hint) tomorrow’s fish so you won’t want to miss out on my post!

Happy Fishing!  🙂