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Winter’s Wonderland

My hubby and I took a drive to the lake yesterday. The roads were wet so it was a good day to travel.  It was so lovely to see the trees covered with snow!  A little cold by the lake as the wind was blowing so I took a quick photo while it was snowing:


The lake water is lowered in the winter so it always looks a bit strange to see so much shoreline.  It would be a bit chilly for a beach fire today!  😉

We walked around near our lake place.  It was so beautiful and peaceful!


We saw a few deer tracks and that was about it.  And a little sunshine as we were leaving but mostly it felt really cold.  Brrr!


So we stopped for a cup of coffee and hot cocoa to warm-up by a crackling fire at a local resort before heading home.

It was lovely to enjoy winter’s wonderland for a day and return to our warm home!

Enjoy your day!  🙂