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Fixer Uppers…

I’ve been wanting to create these “fixer upper” homes with scraps of collage papers…


It was an assignment in Carla Sonheim’s “365 Video Every Day” online class that  I’m doing this year.


Super fun to use a stapler instead of glue.  I encourage you to give it a try!

Happy Building!  Cheers! 🙂

5 Basic Shapes

I’m taking an online Paper Collage class from Dar James, hosted by Carla Sonheim.  One of our assignments is to create three collages using the five basic shapes:  Square, triangle, circle, oval and rectangle.

Using old magazines and a glue stick, I created these tulips:


A Picnic Ant


And houses on stilts from my imagination:


These were so much fun to create.  I suggest you give it a try!

Happy Monday!  🙂