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Two Love Birds…

Love was in the air recently when I was at the lake…


These two love birds were inspired by several hummingbirds that were “pursuing” each other during “Happy Hour” when I had gathered to share an appetizer and a glass of wine with several friends.  The hummingbirds had their own “Party Punch,” otherwise known as sugar water (nectar) to dine on…

And the hummers zipped and dipped and buzzed by us with glee!  It was quite the love affair. Lol!

Wishing you a happy weird bird Wednesday

Cheers! 🙂

Kathy’s Hummingbird

Since today is “Draw A Bird Day,” hosted by Laura at Create Art Everyday, I decided to try a hummingbird.  (I hope Laura will come back to blogging as I miss her creative experiments!)

I saw a hummer on Kathy’s blog, Backyard Bird Nerd last week, titled:  “Tis The Season.”  I loved how she captured the hummingbird resting in her photo like I painted here:


I started by a pencil sketch on cold-press watercolor paper:


Next, I outlined it with a fine tip, “Elegant Writer” pen made by Speedball:


This pen is made for calligraphy but as you can see below, it activates with water:


I love the pinks that appeared from this pen!  I learned how to do this by watching the YouTube video by watercolor and mixed media artist, Karlyn Holman:


I finished my painting by adding some watercolors to my bird and softening the background:


This was a fun experiment that I hope to try again!  Thanks Kathy Doremus for inspiring my art with your AWESOME photos!

Happy Painting!  🙂

A Joyful Bird

I chose a Hummingbird for my “Draw A Bird” day.  A special thanks to Nina and Kerfe at Method Two Madness for hosting this month’s challenge.  Be sure to check out their blog as they will be compiling a list of participants who created a bird today.

Here is my Hummingbird in a fine black Sharpie and watercolor:


Did you know that a Hummingbird gets its name from the vibration of its wings as it hovers or flies?  Unlike any other bird, a Hummingbird can fly backward, forward and sideways.

Don’t forget to hum as you go about your day.  May the vibration bring you JOY!

Happy Creating!  🙂

Honeysuckles and Hummingbirds

I previously posted photos of the honeysuckle vine growing in my yard, such as this one:

Honeysuckle photo for drawing

I decided to sketch the above photo with a black micron pen and paint in watercolor:

Watercolor Honeysuckle bloom

It doesn’t look totally like the photo but I’m OK with that.  It was not easy to do!

Did you know that the flower’s meaning is HAPPINESS?  It also symbolizes the devoted affection in the form of a lover’s embrace.

The sweet nectar of the honeysuckle is one the hummingbird’s favorite.  You can see a hummingbird I previously drew in color pencils, here.

Wishing you a day of happiness!   🙂

Color Makes Me Happy

Writing assignment for Day 3 is to write – empty my mind without editing.  No crossing out or correcting spelling.  Just write for 15 minutes about 3 songs that influence me – I cannot choose them as favorites of all time but these 3 songs speak to me:

Pharrell Williams song, “Happy”

Cindy Lauper, “True Colors”

Michael Franks, “Dragonfly Summer”

I was thinking about what makes me HAPPY.  The color orange, creating art –  experimenting, playing with techniques, taking online classes, connecting with other creative people through Facebook and on my blog.

Color makes me happy!  Love all colors, the brighter the better!  I like orange the best probably because to me, it is a happy color.  My mom liked this color too.  Plus I look good wearing this color.  I like the color blue too as it reminds me of blue skies and summertime.  Floating on the lake in our boat and looking up at a brilliant blue cloudless sky with dragonflies dancing in a soft warm breeze.  And I like many other colors too.  I like the bright green of moss growing in the woods, spreading itself like lush carpet over rocks and across the path.  The yellow-green leaves of a birch tree.  And then there is my love of birds.

Hummingbird in color pencil

I think my favorite is a hummingbird.  Its brilliant colors on such a small body.  One has to be paying attention to see a hummingbird as it moves and darts about so quickly.  Hummers remind me of summer too since I see them a lot at the lake feeding on red flowers – Salvias and Geraniums.  I love the color purple too – sunsets, rainbows, Lilacs.

And there is yellow – another happy color.  Sunshine – ah, love to feel the sunshine on my face.  Like how warming it is as I sit in my living room writing.  I like walking around without a coat outside.  I like how it makes the flowers grow and the trees bud in the Spring.

Then there is Red.  Red, White and Blue!  What is there not to like about red?  Red lips and tongue from a popsicle, red balloons at a birthday party.  Red roses to celebrate an anniversary.

I do like color and I love using color in my art to create a mood.  I can always learn more about color too.

What are your true colors?  What colors make you happy and want to dance?  What colors do you like to wear?  What colors help calm and soothe you?  And what birds do you like because of their coloring?

If you are looking for something to make you HAPPY today, then google – Pharrell Williams, YouTube video, “Happy.”   Hope it brings a smile to your face!