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Fiddle Faddle

I’ve been trying to put the finishing colors on my doodle that I started awhile ago in my art journal.

It reminds me of the popcorn you can buy in the store called, Fiddle Faddle.  The popcorn and peanuts are covered with gooey caramel.  Yum!   Like the popcorn, I have a difficult time leaving my doodle alone.  I keep “fiddling” with it!

Here are some of the supplies I used on this doodle:


I started with watercolor but then tried gouache, Tombow markers, Inktense pencils, watercolor pencils and Prismacolor pencils.  😉

I learned a lot from my experiment with different mediums.  I learned NOT to use a water brush as I don’t have any control with it.  (I can’t stay within the lines).  I struggled with the Inktense pencils to get them to blend with other mediums.

I also learned to trust my instincts when it came to color and NOT coloring every doodle!  I hope you check out Annie Glacken’s doodles here that she did recently in watercolor.  My favorite is her Hummingbird!  🙂

You may recall my doodle progress where I last left off that you can find here.

Here is the completion of this doodle:


I tried to vary my color by creating depth and movement in my patterns.  I would love to know what you think!

Happy creating!!  🙂

The Spotted Nothura

The very talented Charlie O’ Shields over at Doodlewash (which you can find his blog here), recently gave me his permission to use an abstract watercolor painting he created on his blog.

After looking at his abstract for several days, I was able to “spot” a bird in it:

I spotted a bird

A Spotted Nothura to be exact!  Yes, this is a REAL bird and not one of my imaginary ones!  LOL!

With the help of one of my favorite bird books:

My bird book

This bird seemed to FLY off the page at me!  🙂

For one thing, this bird had spots.  And Charlie’s abstract had spots (or splatter):

Charlie's Abstract painting

Now, I DO realize that the actual bird does not have the same color of spots as my bird…  this is where artistic freedom comes into play!

I learned from my book, “Extreme Birds” that this bird is considered the “worst flier.”  This bird is from the tinamous species which only fly when under extreme pressure, (ground predators).  “They are heavy, muscular birds with big feet, but their wings and tail – aerodynamic essentials – are decidedly small for the size of the bird which is approximately 24 to 25.5 cm (9.4–10.0 in) in length.  Often when this bird makes an emergency takeoff their control lets them down, and they find themselves crashing into objects, such as trees or rocks, often killing themselves.”

I decided to “ground” my bird to keep him safe:

The completed bird

Using the remainder of Charlie’s art paper, I created the background and added a little color with Inktense pencils.  It is an abstract after all!

Thanks Charlie for the challenge!  🙂

Happy Flying!

A Northern Flicker

I found this beautiful feather a few years ago:

Northern Flicker Woodpecker feather

And today I looked it up in my book on bird feathers and discovered it was from a Northern Flicker Woodpecker.  I thought it was from a woodpecker but I had no idea that this bird was so beautiful!  I hope you will look it up on the link I provided for you – just click on the underlined word.

Today I decided to make some imaginary feathers with watercolors.  I used a can of compressed air to blow the liquid paint across my paper.  So fun!

Here are my results – the first one is on 300 lb. cold pressed watercolor paper.  I used watercolors and Prismacolor pencils:

brown feather

The second one I used 140 lb. cold pressed watercolor paper.  I added Derwent Inktense pencils after the watercolor:

Red feather

And for the third one, I used 140 lb. hot pressed watercolor paper.  I added water-soluble wax pastels after the watercolor:

Green Feather

Happy Creating!