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Sunny Sundays – Revised

Hi!  Jack here –

close-up of Jack 1-15-2016

I tried to explain to my mom that it was neither sunny nor Sunday but she ignored me.

As you can see, “Jack Frost” was visiting us this morning:

frosty crabapple 1-15-2016

Brrr, it was really cold on my paws…. so I just stayed inside like any intelligent cat would do!

Back to Saturday, uh, today…

Mom wanted me to tell you that she has decided to take a break from posting her art on Saturday and Sunday.  I know she really enjoys it but she has been kind of tired lately.  More naps with me but she says she doesn’t get anything else done around the house.

Jack on couch 1-15-2016

I really don’t see that there is anything more important than a nap except maybe eating but she didn’t agree with me.  Fancy that!

Anyway, enjoy your weekend and make time for that nap!  I know I will!  🙂

Jack sleeping on couch 1-15-2016

See ya!  Jack

Swirls of Fall

I recently purchased a set of Rembrandt Soft Pastels.  I have never done much with soft pastels so I wanted to experiment with them in my sketchbook.

I really enjoyed using watercolor with them:

orange swirls with soft pastels and wc

The swirls of color reminded me of some photos I took after a frost:

Yellow Dahlia in fall

Like this Dahlia – I love the brilliant blue sky next to the golden color!

The simplicity of the following design:

swirls in red, green & purple

Reminded me of the swirling breath of Jack Frost as it freezes whatever lies in its path:

pink dahlia after frost

The beauty of these Dahlias still takes my breath away!

The circles in this design:

circles with soft pastels and watercolor

Reminded me of this bird bath:

Charlie's Bird bath

A simple design of endless love I have for nature.

May you notice the beautiful shapes in nature’s handiwork today!

Happy Fall!  🙂