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Grumpy Cat

My cat loves to be outside during the summer months when the weather is warmer.

But yesterday evening he got trapped (briefly) inside the garage…


He was one grumpy cat!  😦

Carla Sonheim recently gave an assignment in her 365 video class – day #177 –  to draw several quick one-liner cats and my grumpy Jack cat appeared!  Lol!

Happy Drawing!  🙂

The Daily Mews 🐾

I created this in my art journal on Tuesday.  Carla Sonheim gave us the assignment for her year-long online class to create a headline describing our day.  I decided to write it from my cat’s perspective.


I went online to fodey.com to create my fake newspaper article.  It was a lot of fun!  I typed it on the computer too because I thought it may be difficult to read in my post.

I think a fake newspaper article would make a fabulous one-of-a-kind greeting card for someone!

Cheers!  🙂

P.S.  Jack said to tell you, “I hope you keep your paws dry today!”

Sunny Sundays – Revised

Hi!  Jack here –

close-up of Jack 1-15-2016

I tried to explain to my mom that it was neither sunny nor Sunday but she ignored me.

As you can see, “Jack Frost” was visiting us this morning:

frosty crabapple 1-15-2016

Brrr, it was really cold on my paws…. so I just stayed inside like any intelligent cat would do!

Back to Saturday, uh, today…

Mom wanted me to tell you that she has decided to take a break from posting her art on Saturday and Sunday.  I know she really enjoys it but she has been kind of tired lately.  More naps with me but she says she doesn’t get anything else done around the house.

Jack on couch 1-15-2016

I really don’t see that there is anything more important than a nap except maybe eating but she didn’t agree with me.  Fancy that!

Anyway, enjoy your weekend and make time for that nap!  I know I will!  🙂

Jack sleeping on couch 1-15-2016

See ya!  Jack

Have A Purr-fect Day!

Jack with Santa hat

Mom thought I looked cute posing with this Santa hat…

But I was having the purr-fect nap before being rudely awakened!

Jack lying on couch

So I decided to attack the hat:

Jack attacking Santa hat

And since I was now AWAKE, I decided to go outside and explore:

Jack on deck

Hmmm, this looks awfully cold….  And you know I hate getting my paws wet!

The tree looks really pretty from the DECK, don’t you agree?

fir tree covered with snow

Mom wanted to show you this ornament she made but since I can’t PLAY with it, I think it’s kind of boring…

Ornament Doodle

I have my very own Christmas tree as all cats should!

Home is where the cat is!

But it is kind of boring because there aren’t any ornaments for me to REMOVE with my paws…

So guess I will go back and have another nap.  The couch is the best place for a nap in case you didn’t know.  Especially after all the Christmas festivities.

Jack sleeping on couch

Hope you are having the purr-fect day like me!