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Nature’s Treasures

I found it so relaxing last week to paint seeds, pods and berries that I decided to try painting some of nature’s treasures I found at the lake.  I painted these in my art journal:


I enjoyed this very much so I decided to try another one yesterday at home:


Would you purchase a card or something with this type of artwork?  I’d love to get your ideas!

Happy Painting!  🙂

Painting On Vacation – Part 2

This is the second post of my art journal paintings I did while on vacation at the lake.  I posted the first week, here.

On Sunday, July 24, I saw four Evening Grosbeaks in a neighbor’s cherry tree at the lake so this was my inspiration for Monday’s drawing on July 25:

I added a few color pencils and white gel pen to my bird at the end.

Tuesday, I skipped a day in my art journal because I did a mixed media painting from Carla Sonheim’s FREE Kid’s Art Week that I posted last week on my blog, here.

On Wednesday, July 27, I was inspired by the purple color and shape in the wildflower, Fireweed to create this abstract feather:

Thursday, July 28th, I wanted to paint the quiet beauty that surrounds me at the lake so I painted this picture and later added a Bible verse:

On Friday, July 29, I was experimenting with gouache and was inspired by the circular shapes and colors in my flowers to created these swirls of patterns:

Saturday, July 30th found me floating in the boat and enjoying the lake!  I was inspired by the clear, natural water to paint it:

On Sunday, July 31st, I celebrated 31 days of painting with watercolor for World Watercolor Month by painting a bottle of wine and one glass.  I added a little pizzazz to the background with one of my Gelli-prints:

I hope I inspire you to paint on your next vacation!  I found it very relaxing and a perfect way to remember my time at the lake:


Happy Creating!  🙂

Painting On Vacation – Part 1

I thought that you might enjoy seeing my watercolor paintings in my art journal during my lake vacation.  I posted them on Instagram but I know that some of you aren’t on IG so this is for you!  And it is kind of fun to see them all together.  🙂

I have decided to show it in two posts.  Here is my first week:


I started with a simple leaf study on Sunday, July 17 and painted it 3 times.  I have the actual leaf in the photo above.  It was really fun to paint it more than once.

On Monday, July 18, I painted this view from the beach.  I haven’t done too many landscapes so it was fun to try one:

On Tuesday, July 19, I gathered a few rocks from the beach and painted them.  I found painting beach rocks to be very meditative:


When walking in the woods on Wednesday, July 20, I discovered this rare find – it is called, Indian Pipe or Ghost flower:

It was one of my more difficult subjects to paint as I had to paint the shadows.

Thursday, July 21, we had a perfectly, blue-sky kind of day!  The best weather all week.  I found this Thimbleberry Bush and clipped a couple of stems to paint:

On Friday, July 22, I painted this dragonfly from a photo I had taken previously.  I really liked how it turned out:


On Saturday, I painted this more complex subject of Bunchberries from a photo I took from a walk along a path:

I ran out of time and patience on it.  I wasn’t pleased with my background but I decided to give it a rest.  I kept reminding myself that it is about practice NOT perfection…

On Sunday, July 24, I tried another challenging subject – beach toys on the beach from this photo:

I learned a lot during my first week of painting while on vacation.  I enjoyed trying a variety of subjects and I didn’t give up when I struggled.  YAY!

I’m not sure I would have painted in watercolor EVERY day if it wasn’t for Charlie at Doodlewash who started World Watercolor Month for July.  (Note the group is now called, World Watercolor Group).   Thanks Charlie for inspiring me!

I will post my photos for the second week of my lake vacation on Thursday, August 4th.

Happy Painting!  🙂

Loose Landscapes

Letter “L” is for loose landscapes at the lake!

As a warm-up exercise for my online class, Y is for Yellow with Carla Sonheim; I did some quick sketches on leftover watercolor paper scraps with a gray and black Neocolor crayon:

I painted several pieces of  watercolor paper with house paint samples that I had leftover from Lynn Whipple’s Big Bold Flower Painting class.  Once dry, I used Dick Blick’s Economy “Blickrylic” acrylic paints to paint landscapes based loosely on my sketches:


imageIt was lots of fun!  🙂  This assignment inspired me to paint landscapes in colors I would not normally use such as these colors:

As you can see, I have them ready to put in my old “ledger” that I showed you in my post yesterday.

Now, I want to try large and loose landscapes on canvas!

I encourage you try painting loosely and boldly today!  It may give you a new perspective on life!

Happy Painting!  🙂

Painting Peace

Scattered rain showers at the lake on Saturday so I sketched a wild rose in pencil.  I forgot to bring my watercolors so I had to wait until I got home to complete it:

I identified this rose as a Baldhip or Wood rose.  You can see rain droplets in the above photo against a “temporary” blue sky.  Rain is good for many things – a long walk, a good night’s sleep and time to sketch.

After my pencil sketch, I decided to try a looser format in my art journal.  I started this sketch on Saturday evening and finished it the following night with a black Micron pen:

I was upset and saddened by the recent, senseless shooting violence in Orlando, Florida.  So I decided to paint my roses yesterday in the colors of a Peace Rose.

I don’t know if it is possible to paint peace but I gave it my best try.  🙂


Peace Friends!

A Juvenile Woodpecker

When I was at the lake last weekend, I noticed a woodpecker in this tree – tap, tap, tapping away:


After much research, I think that it is a Juvenile Downey Woodpecker because it still has a bright red cap.  And since today is Mother’s Day, I thought it was perfect to include him!

Today is also, “Draw A Bird” day on WordPress which is being hosted by the very talented, Laura at Create Art Everyday.  Be sure to check out her blog as she will be compiling a list of all the participants for this month’s challenge!  Thanks Laura!

I decided to “Collage A Bird” which really started with a drawing, using papers that I painted in watercolor:

As I was walking around the area at the lake, I noticed that the ferns were starting to unfurl and the wild strawberries were waking up in the warm spring sunshine too:

And here is a view of the lake – doesn’t it look peaceful?!


Wishing you a Sunny Sunday!

Enjoy your day, friends….  🙂

One Brushstroke

We are winding up our weekend trips to the lake.  I am running a bit behind today as we had a wonderful sunny weekend – so I tried to soak up a few rays, take a boat ride with my hubby and a couple of QUICK dips in the 64 degree lake water!  It helps that the air was 80 plus degrees!  :-))

I took some AWESOME fall lake photos with my camera!  YAY!  But I will post only a few today to go with my haiku.  I hope you enjoy!

Green leaves fade as Fall

Upclose of bush near John & Sue - 1

paints colors with one brush stroke –

Leaves changing on bush near Sue & John

Softly blending reds –

upclose of bush by John & Sue - 2

Have a happy fall day!  🙂

Precious Puddles

It FINALLY rained this weekend!  In case you haven’t heard on the news, the Pacific Northwest is raging in wildfires!

We are hoping the rain today and (hopefully) during the week and the cooler weather – will help ease the work of firefighters in our area and stop the destruction.  The smoke has been so bad, it has been difficult to breathe the air or see the mountains!  So today I took these photos after the rain at the lake to share with you….

Grab you raincoat and your boots and let’s jump in some puddles!

puddle in road

A daisy for your thoughts:

daisy under fence post

A fall leaf floating in a puddle:

gold leaf in puddle

Burnt tree bark from area fires on the beach:

burnt bark on beach

Storm clouds over the lake:

rain clouds over the lake

We continue to pray for rain!

Thanks for taking a walk with me and splashing in some puddles!

Happy Monday!  🙂

Use Your Noodle!

When I was a child, my dad sometimes told me, “Use Your Noodle!”  which means use your head or brain.  🙂

So here is my version of a Noodle Fish:

My Noodle Fish

If you want to read more about this REAL fish on Wikipedia, click on the underlined link below.

I found it interesting that the Noodle fish have translucent or transparent bodies, and lack any scales.   Wow!  And they have numerous teeth!  Eeeeeek!

I used my gelli-printed paper for the background and my fish.

This fish preludes (hint, hint) tomorrow’s fish so you won’t want to miss out on my post!

Happy Fishing!  🙂

Something Smells Fishy

Since I am on vacation this week at the lake, I created some silly fish for you to enjoy.

The names of the fish are REAL but my version is my own creation.

Here is a Four-Eyed Fish:

My 4-eye fish collage

If you click on the above underline, it will take you to Wikipedia to learn about the real one.  I was amazed that this fish can see below and above the surface of the water at the same time.

I repurposed a failed watercolor for the background and used scrap pieces of gelli-prints, paper and a dictionary tree image to create my collage.

Hope it makes you smile today!

Happy Fishing!  🙂