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A Ledger of Color

Several years ago, I purchased this old ledger at a thrift store:

Hard covered ledger book

I thought it would be the perfect art journal!

So I started a color journal.  Here are some of my papers I have created:

Green & Yellow dye print

The above print I made using a dye and salt technique with leaves at the lake.  I also attached a photo I took.  I love the greens and yellow.

Here is another green and yellow one.  This one uses a photo, a piece of mica and some papers I purchased:

photo of thimbleberries

I love the shades of orange in this one:

orange nature print

I thought the paint color sample was a good match!

Wild strawberries were my inspiration for the color red:

wild strawberry red

And I liked the multi colors of this one:

colorful fairy print

It says:  The woods are full of fairies, The trees are all alive; The river overflows with them, See how they dip and dive!  (Author Unknown)

I hope to continue adding to my color journal this week at the lake.  I am bringing my watercolors and acrylic paints with me.

Have you ever created a color journal?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Creating!  🙂

Welcome To The Beach!

I thought you might enjoy these photos I took at the lake this weekend.

Put your sandals and let’s go to the beach!  🙂

A view from a pine tree.  Take a deep breath and smell that fresh pine scent:

pinecone view to beach 7-10

Look some rocks left over from a child’s sand castle:

rocks on beach 7-10

Dig your toes into the wet sand!  Awww!  Now, have a seat and enjoy the view:

Sandy feet 7-10

Oh, look!  There is a Spotted Sandpiper on the shore:

bird on beach 7-10

Looks like it’s time for a bird bath!  🙂

bird shaking tail feather in water 7-10

One last photo – a reflection of the clouds in the water:

lake reflection 7-10

Glad you could come along for a visit!

Enjoy your day!  🙂

A Day At The Lake – In My Journal

I thought you might like to take a peak into my journal from last Sunday:

my journal page for sunday, June 28

I saw lots of wild life!  🙂

Happy Friday!!!

A Moose On The Loose

I wrote this moose haiku for you:

Cow moose from the woods,                                                                                                 Your size towered over our truck,                                                                           Thanks for turning back!

quick moose painting

On the way to the lake this last weekend, a very LARGE cow moose came onto the highway as we were driving.  We swerved and luckily for us, the moose on the loose decided to turn back towards the woods.

So here is a quick drawing of a moose.  So very grateful that we made it to our little home in the woods safely.

So to celebrate, here is a beautiful lake sunset for you to enjoy!

pink sunset

Cheers!  🙂

Dog Fennel?

I painted this postcard size watercolor at the lake:

Wild Daisy postcard

I painted it outdoors – this was my view:

fence post and daisies

I used a little artistic liberty and removed the green sewer pole sign.  My intention was to paint the daisies.  I discovered that it was not easy to paint small daisies…

Painting these “wild daisies” motivated me to get out my book on wildflowers when I got home:

Wildflower Field Guide

I still struggled to identify them.  So I took a closer look:

close-up daisy photo

And with the help of the internet, I believe they are a member of the Aster family.  There most common name is Mayweed.   They are also called Stinking Chamomile and Dog Fennel.

According to USWildflowers.com, “Anthemis cotula is an introduced species which is now found in every state in the United States and in most of Canada.  It can be invasive, and is officially listed as a noxious weed in Colorado and Nevada.”  I had no idea!

I kind of like the name Dog Fennel.

dog at lake


I encourage you to discover a new flower this week!  🙂

Happy Creating!

A Dazzling Sunset

Sometimes Mother Nature just wows me with her beauty!  I took these photos at the lake and hope to paint them in watercolor:

sunset - 1

sunset 2

sunset 3

sunset 4

sunset 5

It was an amazing show!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Happy Creating!

Sue’s Flowers

I painted a pot of flowers in watercolor this last weekend:

flower pot of flowers

My friend, Sue has them growing at the lake.  I really like the color combination of flowers and colors:

Sue's flowers

I hope to paint some of my flowers too!  Here are some Impatiens I recently planted:

my impatients flowers at lake

And a collection of old buckets – which make awesome planters:

old buckets and flowers

I like these quotes on flowers:

Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom.  They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful.  – Jim Carrey

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.  – Claude Monet

Wishing you a day of sunshine and flowers!  🙂

Wild Roses

I did a little “plein-air” painting at the lake.  I found that painting outdoors helped me be a little looser with my style:

wild rose bush in watercolors - loose

This is a wild rose bush that I painted – looking at this view:

wild rose bush for plein air painting

I was a bit limited with my  paint colors so I added a little contrast with color pencils at the end.

I think painting outdoors allowed me more freedom to experiment with watercolors.

I painted this postcard (last week) from a photo I posted previously:

wild rose watercolor from photo

I don’t think I was able to paint as freely when following this photo:

wild rose bush

I kept trying to add to it with color pencils and then a black micron pen and I think I lost some of the spontaneity.

I’m curious to hear which one you like best!  Thanks!  🙂

Happy Creating!

Watercolor Postcard

I painted this postcard from the lake photo I posted yesterday:

Postcard painting of lake

I like painting this size – 4 x 6 inch!

It is a good way to “practice” painting.  🙂

Last year, I painted a watercolor postcard of a mountain scene and actually MAILED it!  And yes!  The person actually received it!  What a FUN gift to share with a someone special.

I challenge you to create a “postcard” size painting and MAIL it to a friend!

Happy Creating!

Postcard Perfect

I had an AWESOME weekend at the lake!  I thought this photo looked like it could be a postcard:

view of clouds on lake

Some white, fluffy clouds for you to gaze at!  Do you see any images in them?  I thought I saw a bird – imagine that!  🙂

My husband and I were out in our boat on this unusually HOT day when we saw this rope swing on the shoreline:

Rope Swing at lake

No, we did not swing from it – sorry to disappoint you all!  But we did go in the lake for a couple of QUICK dips as the water was a cool 66 degrees.  When the air temperature is in the 90’s – the cold water was very refreshing!

We discovered a hidden gem near this rope swing – a waterfall!

Hidden waterfall

It was well hidden in the trees but we could hear its loud roar from the boat.  The waterfall is in the middle of the above photo.

It was such a pretty place on the lake.  No cabins so it was all natural.

view of shore

It was the kind of day that made you look up at the blue sky and have a heart of gratitude for this beautiful place and being present to enjoy it!

blue sky

May you discover the hidden beauty around you this week!

Happy Creating!