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A Collage of Sorts

My hubby and I had an AWESOME summer at the lake!  We closed up this weekend for the season and brought everything home.

In between MANY loads of laundry, I wrote a poem and finished it with this collage below:

laundry collage - finish

Beach towels and bath towels,                                                                                 A growing mountain, oh my!                                                                                      I exhale in one very, very LOUD sigh!

Shorts and sweat pants –                                                                                         For hot and cold days…                                                                                          Can I go outside now and just play?!

Swimsuits and bike shorts –                                                                                     To retire for the season,                                                                                              I feel a bit blue now for some silly reason.

Jackets and sweatshirts –                                                                                     We’ll wear this fall,                                                                                                  The piles are spreading out into the hall!

Blankets and bed sheets –                                                                                         To wash and store away,                                                                               Thankful for their warmth, I do have to say!

Undies and socks –                                                                                                         And T-shirts so numerous…                                                                                       If this was a joke, it would be rather humorous!

Old blue jeans –                                                                                                    Comfy and worn,                                                                                                         A little mending for the ones that are torn.

Dress shirts and slacks –                                                                                       Work clothes we wear,                                                                                        These sometimes take a little extra care.

Jammies and night shirts –                                                                                           I think I’m about done,                                                                                                 I hope you enjoyed my laundry day fun!

Happy Creating!  :-)))