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A Tree House?

I was taking photos with my camera this weekend and stumbled upon these fairy dwellings…

fairy tree dwelling 2

At least it LOOKED like a fairy could make their home in one of these trees!

fairy tree dwelling 3

Many generations of fairies –  old and young could be living in the twisted roots of the above trees.

a tree for a fairy 1

One never knows where they could be hiding – just out of sight!

So I decided to create a collage of what a fairy home might look like:

View 4 paper collage about fairies

And here is a poem I wrote to go with it:

View 4 without a door                                                                                                        By the tree, don’t you see?                                                                                                  A fancy ledge by the edge –                                                                                              It’s a swing of a sling!

Do you think – with a wink,                                                                                            The fairies go – yes, you know!                                                                                        To lay and gaze at stars ablaze,                                                                                      The Milky Way, light years away?

I wonder how you see it now –                                                                                       The magic here with eyes so clear?                                                                                   Could it be, the fairies wee                                                                                           Gave you a view – 4 you so few?

Note:  I started my collage with the scrap of sewing pattern tissue, “View 4” as my inspiration for this collage.  It got me thinking about a room with a view.  And then I just played with this idea.  This is what magically appeared!  🙂

I challenge you to start with a scrap piece of paper and create a collage from it!  Let your imagination play!

Wishing you a magical day!