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Happy Independence Day!

Fireworks painting

Hoorah Hoorah for the red, white and blue!                                                                 Fireworks explode into the night sky anew,                                                                      Our freedom worth celebrating together with you,                                                     Thank you dear veterans for serving our country so true!

Happy 4th of July, my American friends!

What Are You Reading?

Summer is the time that I like to curl up in the shade and read a good book.  So I decided to make a couple of bookmarkers with my silly fish:

silly fish bookmarkers

I drew them with a black Micron pen and then colored with Copic markers and Prismacolor pencils.

I think I like “Baby Face” the best!  🙂  Do you have a favorite?

I am currently reading this book, “Sarah’s Key” by Tatiana de Rosnay:

book I'm reading now

It is an excellent story about July 1942, the days of the Vel’ d’Hiv’ in Nazi-occupied Paris.  Have you read it?

I borrowed my book from a friend so I thought I’d return it with one of my fish bookmarkers.

I also made one to keep for myself – this one is double-sided:

other side of fish bookmarker

2 sided fish bookmarker

I used cheap watercolors and Prismacolor pencils to color this one.

What book you are reading or would you recommend?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Reading!  🙂

A Moose On The Loose

I wrote this moose haiku for you:

Cow moose from the woods,                                                                                                 Your size towered over our truck,                                                                           Thanks for turning back!

quick moose painting

On the way to the lake this last weekend, a very LARGE cow moose came onto the highway as we were driving.  We swerved and luckily for us, the moose on the loose decided to turn back towards the woods.

So here is a quick drawing of a moose.  So very grateful that we made it to our little home in the woods safely.

So to celebrate, here is a beautiful lake sunset for you to enjoy!

pink sunset

Cheers!  🙂

School of Fish – Part 2

Yesterday, I showed you my creative fish doodles in black pen.  Today, I want to show you how I colored them:

school of fish completed

I completed the above page by adding Prismacolor pencils.

My first layer of color was Copic markers and inexpensive watercolors:

school of fish - markers & wc

They add a little color to my black pen from yesterday:

My school of fish doodles - before color

I worked on coloring it every evening this week!  I do like how it turned out in color though, don’t you?

school of fish completed

What is your favorite fish?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Creating!  🙂

A Litter of Cats?

Day 2 of the CATS! class with Carla Sonheim – practice drawing cats from REAL life or photos:

Day 2 - draw from real life

The assignment was to draw quickly and concentrate on the outline of a cat.  I think I did OK.  Always room for improvement!

Then try drawing cats with eyes closed:

Eyes closed cats

I think I did better with my eyes closed!  LOL!  🙂

I added some color with markers…

Today, I was tired so I added some captions to my REAL life sketches:

cats from real life - 2

Some days I just don’t FEEL like drawing but I do it anyway!

And here are my eyes closed drawings:

More eyes closed cats

I know these exercises are helping me to draw cats.

Hope they make you smile!  🙂

Happy FRIDAY!  🙂

A Flock of Birds?

If a group of Buzzards is a wake –                                                                             Would my imaginary flock be a fake?

packing tape bird - 3

Geese on the ground is a gaggle –                                                                                Does this make a straying fake a straggle?

Falcons are called a cast –                                                                                                 So a loud straggle could be a blast?

packing tape bird - 2

Ducks in the water are a paddling –                                                                                Do you think a moving blast is a rattling?

The plural of chickens are called a peep –                                                                         Does this squeaky nonsense make you weep?

packing tape bird - 1

Having fun playing with color and the collective names of birds!

Wishing you a day of creative play!  🙂

Lines And Circles

I recently completed this acrylic painting on a 12 x 12 inch wood panel:

lines and circles

I used Golden Fluid Acrylics in Diarylide Yellow, Qinacridone Magenta, Cerulean Blue Chromium and Titanium White.  I mixed my paints with Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish to give it the transparency you see.

I started my piece by covering the wood with gesso and then a layer of the Diarylide Yellow.  I then drew “lines and circles” with a black sharpie pen:

lines and circles beginning

It got me thinking about how I draw birds.  I believe my drawing improved when I started seeing my birds in lines and circles and SHAPES!

I thought my notes may help you with your bird drawing:

Bird in shapes

My notes also help me remember!  🙂   I think looking at the negative shapes or the shapes around the bird also helped me with drawing a bird proportionately.

I drew this Evening Grosbeak in color pencils tonight:

Evening Grosbeak in color pencils

It is the first time I actually followed the directions to color my bird in color pencils from the book, “Identify and Draw North American Birds.”   I use this book a lot for identifying birds but I normally color it my own way.  I think I like my own way better!  LOL!

I would love to know if seeing your subjects (whether it is birds or cats or whatever you like to draw)  in shapes helps you in your drawings!  🙂

Happy Creating!

My Doodle With A Story

I created this “Story Doodle” and posted it previously on April 30th.  Now I have completed my story to go with it:

Doodle story in color -1

First Row – Starting on the top, left:

In a lively village with a big oak tree, lived a young, handsome baker who owned a tiny Bakery.  Each morning, people from the small village would line up outside his shop to purchase a loaf of bread or a fresh scone.

One day, a lovely, young lady appeared at the store counter.  She had long, golden hair and he couldn’t help but stare into her deep green eyes.  When he realized he was entranced by her beauty, his face turned several shades of red.  The lovely lady who was a bit shy but smitten by his attention, ordered several loaves of his famous olive bread.  On her first bite of this heavenly bread, she knew she was in love with the baker.

After several weeks of daily visits to his store, the handsome baker finally asked the lovely lady with emerald green eyes and hair the color of butter on a date.  They were to meet at the park in the center of the lively village next to the big oak tree.

On the day of the picnic, the sun was shining and people were outside washing their cars.  The birds were singing a happy tune and the flowers were bursting open in a rainbow of color!  The young baker could hardly contain his excitement!  He knew the lovely lady had a sweet tooth.  Inside his picnic basket, he had brought his special raspberry-filled cupcakes with gooey, vanilla frosting and a very Berry pie.

Doodle story - 3

As the young baker was laying the checkered table cloth on the ground, the beautiful young lady arrived riding on an elephant!  (Apparently, the circus was in town and the elephant’s trainer was a friend).

The young couple enjoyed the sweet goodies from the picnic basket.  The young lady tried not to eat like a pig even thought she was famished.  She told the young baker that her name was Beatrice but her friends called her Bunny.  When he told her his name was Sam, she giggled.  She remembered that she had a cat as a child, named Samantha that she had nicknamed, Sam.

Second Row – from the top:

Doodle story in color -1

Sam and Bunny fell quickly in love.  It had been love at first bite for Bunny and love at first sight for Sam.  They enjoyed many walks in the park, holding hands and picking bouquets of flowers.  Roses were Bunny’s favorite flower but she also liked sunflowers.

One late afternoon, when the butterflies were dancing in the sunshine, they stopped at an ice cream stand in the park.  Sam was amazed by how much ice cream Bunny could eat!  Sam had a single-scoop, chocolate ice cream cone.  Bunny ate an ice cream cone with two scoops, two fudgesicles and an orange popsicle!  Then she washed it down with a large lemonade.

Bunny invited Sam to her home the next evening.  Sam brought three bagels and a bottle of red wine.  Bunny served cheese and crackers.

Doodle story - 3

After their light appetizer, Bunny poured them each a cup of peppermint tea to settle their stomachs.  Bunny showed Sam her bountiful garden where she had planted a variety of vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and onions.

Third Row (Are you dizzy yet?):

Doodle story in color -1

Bunny later served Sam a delicious mushroom stew with the olive bread of course!  They also ate three juicy tomatoes grown from seed in her garden.

Sam learned that Bunny was an artist.  She loved to sit in her garden with the caterpillars, bees and bugs and draw owls and birds.  She also illustrated a children’s book about a giraffe.  In addition to the birds in her yard, Bunny liked to draw pumpkins and the other vegetables in her garden.  (She learned early on to not put all her eggs in one basket and draw and paint many subjects).  She was also well-known for her flower paintings.

After dinner, they decided to go for a short bike ride.  Bunny surprised Sam by riding an unicycle!

4th Row:

Doodle story in color -1

The next day, Bunny stopped by Sam’s tiny bakery for a cup of coffee.  Sam surprised Bunny with three gifts!  The first gift was for a stay at a Bed and Breakfast at the beach where they could get away for a weekend trip.  The second gift was new art supplies.  And the third gift was a beautiful pearl necklace!  Bunny was delighted!

Bunny started packing right away for their trip to the beach.  She was ready to go when Sam picked her up in his Jeep.  She brought a suitcase of clothes but also three novels she wanted to read.

Fifth Row:

Bunny almost forgot her sunglasses and sunscreen but Sam reminded her that it was going to be warm.  They had a lovely weekend together and saw 100’s of butterflies.  They had so much fun that they decided to purchase a small trailer for more weekend trips.  They would bring their new pet – a pot-bellied pig, named “Oink.”  Oink had a sweet tooth like Bunny.  Bunny liked to put pink bows on Oink’s ears and walk the pig around the park while eating ice cream.

One sunny day, Sam asked Bunny to marry him.  Of course she said, “Yes!”  They soon started their family.  They had two wonderful children, a boy and a girl.  They also had a cat who they named, (you guessed it), Samantha.  They lived happily ever after in a small house next to the tiny bakery in the lively village with the big oak tree.

The End

Happy Creating!

Cowbirds and Cardinals

This udderly ridiculous bird:

my cowbird

Is NOT part cow:

cow sketch

But it is a REAL bird:

brown headed cowbird

Yes!  There really is a Cowbird!

I was doing some online research on Cardinals after my blogger friend, Jodi – who takes FANTASTIC photos – posted a video of  a female Cardinal nesting in her backyard – very cool!  Check out her blog at Life In Between.  (Not only does Jodi take awesome photos of birds, she also shares some delicious recipes that look like they came from a magazine!  She recently did a silly bird in watercolors that I ADORE!)

I had no idea that cowbirds really existed!  Apparently, they are smallish blackbirds.  Cardinals are often “parasitized” by the Brown-headed Cowbird.  This means that the Cowbird waits until the female Cardinal is away, then the Cowbird visits the nest, removes an egg and then lays one of her own eggs.  (Talk about mooooving in!)  The egg is apparently similar in size.  The Cardinal then raises the Cowbird.  I had no idea birds did this!  This Cowbird is certainly milking it for all it’s worth!!!

The Cowbirds are made up of a family of Screaming, Giant, Bronzed, Shiny and Brown-headed birds…(no I’m not making this up!)

Hope you have an UDDERLY creative day!!!  🙂

Three Cheers For May! Hip Hip Hoorah!

I created this collage/painting recently in Diane Culhane’s Doodle class.  The colors remind me of summer!

acrylic paint & gel medium painted over gelli deli paper

I completed the assignment my own way of course!  🙂

I started by drawing my doodles directly onto canvas with a Sharpie pen:

Doodle on canvas with Sharpie

I combined several doodles together –  And included a bird!

Next, I glued my gelli-printed deli papers to the canvas.  I like how the pen lines show through and the papers add more patterns:

Canvas doodle covered with deli gelli-print paper

I then “painted” over the top with acrylic paints mixed with gel medium to create my finished piece:

acrylic paint & gel medium painted over gelli deli paper

This was so fun!  I want to explore it further at a later date!

YAY!  It’s May!  This is the beginning of trips to the Lake!  It is the “beginning” of summer for me!  Hip Hip Hoorah!

Lois and Glenmar in 2009 at lake

Laughter and friends and sunshine…

There is nothing better than spending time with our friends at the lake!  We have so many wonderful friends and memories!  We feel so blessed!  🙂

Daisy in pot at lake 2013

Three Cheers for May!  Hope you have a happy day!

As a friend recently reminded me, “Life is not a dress rehearsal!”  So kick up your heals, smell the flowers and laugh!!!

You are worth it!!!