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Dreaming Of Spring

We still have lots of snow on the ground but I couldn’t help but dream about Spring in my art journal lately…

I created this doodle from my imagination and memory of Nature with Micron pens:


Yesterday, I added watercolor.  I found this so relaxing!


It reminded me of this doodle I did last August, that you can find here.

So I started a new piece on the right.  I plan to doodle on top of the watercolor for this one!


How do you “branch” out to try something new in art?  I’d love to hear from you!

Cheers!  🙂

A Litter of Cats?

Day 2 of the CATS! class with Carla Sonheim – practice drawing cats from REAL life or photos:

Day 2 - draw from real life

The assignment was to draw quickly and concentrate on the outline of a cat.  I think I did OK.  Always room for improvement!

Then try drawing cats with eyes closed:

Eyes closed cats

I think I did better with my eyes closed!  LOL!  🙂

I added some color with markers…

Today, I was tired so I added some captions to my REAL life sketches:

cats from real life - 2

Some days I just don’t FEEL like drawing but I do it anyway!

And here are my eyes closed drawings:

More eyes closed cats

I know these exercises are helping me to draw cats.

Hope they make you smile!  🙂

Happy FRIDAY!  🙂