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The Spring Sandwich Puff

Since Mother’s Day is this weekend, I decided to create today’s weird bird in memory of ALL mothers – birds and humans! 😉

Lunches and Brunches…


Recipes old and new,

I “cooked” up this bird…


In memory of you! ❤️


Happy Mother’s Day!

Cheers! 🙂

Nothing Crabby!

There is nothing crabby about this Crabapple tree!  It blooms the most gorgeous colors every Spring!


I decided to try painting some of the blossoms in watercolor… yet was only able to get a sketch done today.

I’m going to try painting this one looser… hope you check back in next week to see how I do!

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL mothers – furry or human!

Cheers! 🙂

A Juvenile Woodpecker

When I was at the lake last weekend, I noticed a woodpecker in this tree – tap, tap, tapping away:


After much research, I think that it is a Juvenile Downey Woodpecker because it still has a bright red cap.  And since today is Mother’s Day, I thought it was perfect to include him!

Today is also, “Draw A Bird” day on WordPress which is being hosted by the very talented, Laura at Create Art Everyday.  Be sure to check out her blog as she will be compiling a list of all the participants for this month’s challenge!  Thanks Laura!

I decided to “Collage A Bird” which really started with a drawing, using papers that I painted in watercolor:

As I was walking around the area at the lake, I noticed that the ferns were starting to unfurl and the wild strawberries were waking up in the warm spring sunshine too:

And here is a view of the lake – doesn’t it look peaceful?!


Wishing you a Sunny Sunday!

Enjoy your day, friends….  🙂