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The Return of Darth Vador

Do you return to a favorite art medium over and over again?  Kind of like watching a favorite movie several times!

I created this owl tonight after returning home from the lake.  I find creating patterns soothing when I am short on time.

owl in patterns

Afterwards, I noticed my owl looked a little like Darth Vador from Star Wars!  LOL!

When I was in college, I took an art class that was all about creating patterns.  I really enjoyed the class and got an A!  I still have my art from that class and will have to dig it out and show you one of these days…

I started creating these patterns on black paper with color pencils almost one year ago.  Here is an owl I did:

Hank Hoot Owl 9-10-14

It is fascinating to see how my work has changed and evolved in a year.  And that I still like creating owls!

I would love to hear what art medium you return to over and over again and what it brings you – Joy?  Peace?  A special memory?

Happy Creating!  🙂