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Sunny Sunday

Hello Friends!

Welcome to another Sunny Sunday!  A day to enjoy life to the fullest – whatever that means for you!  🙂

For me, it means a day to unplug from the computer and enjoy some “me” time.  Today I’m going to do some reading – I’m reading the book, “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert – have you read it?

And I hope to spend some quality time with my hubby by going for a walk outside – weather permitting!

2016-1-8 Colbie Caillat and journal play for Sunny Sunday

Speaking of relaxing, I created this drawing in my journal this week while I was listening to the album, “Coco” by Colbie Caillat.  It was fun to experiment with some new art mediums such as Prismacolor markers, new colors of Tombow markers and a Lamy fountain ink pen!  Whahooo!

Other art mediums I used were color pencils, a gold gel pen, collage papers and a black Zig writer pen.

Wishing you a sunny day!  🙂

A Fall Chiller

There was a fall chill in the air today – A real CHILLER!

I wanted to stay with the Michael Jackson music theme for completing my mixed media leaf print that I started last week.  You can find my beginning piece here.

I added another layer of watercolor:


And finished this THRILLER with black pen:


Not too BAD!  What do you think?

Happy Creating!  😊🎶🎨

Just Leaf It

My title for this post reminds me of Michael Jackson’s song, “Just Beat It!”


I tend to be musically challenged in that I cannot remember the artist or the name of the song.  It brings a lot of humor to our marriage. 😄

I started the above piece with soft pastels:


I like the texture it gives to the paper.

Next, I painted REAL leaves with acrylic paint and pressed them into cold press watercolor paper:


I tried to add a variety of colors and leaf shapes.

After it dried, I added my first layer of watercolor:


I like the added texture that the soft pastels have added to the piece but it may be difficult for you to see it.

I will add many more layers of watercolor paint and finish it with a black pen. Much like these previous experiments that you can find here.   I also have them listed in the category of Leaf Printing on the right.

Happy Creating!  🍂😄🍁

The Eckhouts – My Story…

Remember my “characters” from yesterday?

funny pictures of a family

Well, here is MY story about them:

Uncle Aurther is married to Sandy but Sandy does not like being called, “Aunt” as it makes her feel old.  (BTW, Uncle Aurther is a terrible speller, his REAL name is Uncle Albert!)  Uncle Albert likes to hum along to Paul McCartney’s song!  When this happens, (Aunt) Sandy puts on her happy face and starts knitting.  (I’m so sorry Uncle Albert…)  😉

Uncle John loves to tell jokes such as this one…  Q:  What side of a cat has the most spots?  A:  The outside!  hahaha!!!

Jasper is Uncle John’s son.  Jasper plays a mean accordion!  Sometimes they play a party gig together.  Everyone thinks they are so talented!

Jasper is a bit odd with his big ears and all but Amy finds him very attractive.  They eventually meet at a Karoke Bar and fall instantly in love!  They are married in just 3 months by Jasper’s sister, Susie – who LOVES cats!

Susie has a kind heart and takes in MANY, many stray cats.  (Meowwww!)  Brian lives next door to Susie and he is allergic to cats – oh, dear!  But Brian thinks Susie is the “cat’s meow” so he buys stock in Claritin and becomes a very RICH man!  $$$$

Spot is one of Susie’s MANY cats.  Spot becomes a famous “light” in Susie’s life and with a “Spot-light” Susie too becomes very wealthy.

Eventually, Susie and Jasper meet and marry.  They are currently celebrating their 9 lives together (I mean anniversaries!)

May you find humor in your family tree!

Happy Storytelling!  🙂

Message In The Bathtub

Sometimes I mess up lyrics to songs and invent my own words….

I have always done this to Sting’s song, “Message in the Bottle.”  To me, it sounds like he is saying, “Message in the bathtub!”  Yeah, I know – I’m weird!

monogreen bird

I was surprised to learn at Dictionary.com  that there was actually a word – Mondegreen which means:  a misinterpretation of a word or phrase that has been heard, especially a song lyric.

HA!  I’m not the only one who does this!  YAY!

I think that my message for you today is to keep creating even when you don’t FEEL like it.

When I get stuck and don’t know what to do but WANT  to create something, I turn to the “Word of the Day,” at Dictionary.com as it always inspires me!

What do you do?  I’d love to hear about it!

Happy singing!  🙂

A Flower Bouquet

I rarely buy a bouquet for myself but yesterday, I had an excuse.  I needed some flowers for an online art class.  So I splurged and bought a nice one at the grocery store.

flower bouquet

They smell heavenly!  And the colors make me happy.  🙂

Here is a flower drawing I did with a variety of markers while listening to music:

flowers with markers

Then I added water to my marks.  It was fun watching the colors blend:

flowers with water added

And I finished them with a black pen to add details:

flowers with black pen over marks

So of course I had to try a bird:

bird with markers and water

This is a Fuzzy-Tailed Woozy!

bird with black pen doodles

Happy Friday!  Hope you take time to smell some flowers!

Color Makes Me Happy

Writing assignment for Day 3 is to write – empty my mind without editing.  No crossing out or correcting spelling.  Just write for 15 minutes about 3 songs that influence me – I cannot choose them as favorites of all time but these 3 songs speak to me:

Pharrell Williams song, “Happy”

Cindy Lauper, “True Colors”

Michael Franks, “Dragonfly Summer”

I was thinking about what makes me HAPPY.  The color orange, creating art –  experimenting, playing with techniques, taking online classes, connecting with other creative people through Facebook and on my blog.

Color makes me happy!  Love all colors, the brighter the better!  I like orange the best probably because to me, it is a happy color.  My mom liked this color too.  Plus I look good wearing this color.  I like the color blue too as it reminds me of blue skies and summertime.  Floating on the lake in our boat and looking up at a brilliant blue cloudless sky with dragonflies dancing in a soft warm breeze.  And I like many other colors too.  I like the bright green of moss growing in the woods, spreading itself like lush carpet over rocks and across the path.  The yellow-green leaves of a birch tree.  And then there is my love of birds.

Hummingbird in color pencil

I think my favorite is a hummingbird.  Its brilliant colors on such a small body.  One has to be paying attention to see a hummingbird as it moves and darts about so quickly.  Hummers remind me of summer too since I see them a lot at the lake feeding on red flowers – Salvias and Geraniums.  I love the color purple too – sunsets, rainbows, Lilacs.

And there is yellow – another happy color.  Sunshine – ah, love to feel the sunshine on my face.  Like how warming it is as I sit in my living room writing.  I like walking around without a coat outside.  I like how it makes the flowers grow and the trees bud in the Spring.

Then there is Red.  Red, White and Blue!  What is there not to like about red?  Red lips and tongue from a popsicle, red balloons at a birthday party.  Red roses to celebrate an anniversary.

I do like color and I love using color in my art to create a mood.  I can always learn more about color too.

What are your true colors?  What colors make you happy and want to dance?  What colors do you like to wear?  What colors help calm and soothe you?  And what birds do you like because of their coloring?

If you are looking for something to make you HAPPY today, then google – Pharrell Williams, YouTube video, “Happy.”   Hope it brings a smile to your face!

A Noteworthy Bird

I had a dream about my mom the other night.  We were shopping and laughing and she was eating a lemon ice cream cone.  My mom loved lemon meringue pie.

So I created this bird for her:

A Noteworthy Bird

My mom had beautiful handwriting.   She wrote the best thank-you cards.

Note:  I included the last handwritten thank-you card I received from my mom behind my bird.

When I was creating this bird, I was reminded of how she taught me to write handwritten thank-you notes.  It is rare to receive one these days…

Note:  The body of my bird is from an old Etiquette book on writing thank-you notes.  Here is a close-up so you can see:

close-up of bird

My mom always had a beautiful garden of flowers, bushes and trees in her yard.  We used to walk around her yard and she would tell me the names of her plants. She kept a journal of her plants and the date she planted them.

Note:  The beak of my bird is from her journal.  One of the flowers she listed was a Mum.

My mom was always giving me her advice – her “2 cents.”  I didn’t like it much when I was younger but now I miss talking to her.

Note:  The “2-cent stamp” on my bird’s face. 

Mom took short-hand in college.  I’m thankful I didn’t have to learn it.  I just had to learn how to type.  Computers were just starting to be used when I went to college.  Yes, I know admitting this does age me a bit…

Note:  The bird’s tail is from a short-hand book.

My mom was a wonderful cook.  I really miss being treated to one of her home-cooked meals.

Note:  The words from the songbook that my bird is standing on:

song notes close-up

My mom loved nature and the outdoors.  She is one of the reasons I love birds!

Note:  My mom had open heart surgery in January of 1999.  She had a stroke and was unable to recover fully.  She passed away in July of that year.  I miss her and think of her often.

May this bird remind you of happy memories with your own mom.  I would love to hear about them!

Old Bird Jokes

Old Bird Jokes

Have a great day!

Playing The Piano

I discovered in 2014 how much fun it is to draw on black paper with Prismacolor pencils.  The soft waxy pencils look amazing on black.

Here is a song bird I created using part of a song from a practice book for children learning to play the piano:

song bird on black paper

I took piano lessons as a child but I didn’t like them much.  I didn’t enjoy playing at the recitals.  One time the teacher announced that I was going to sing along while I played my piano piece.  I was paralyzed in fear.  I did not sing and I think I made up the piano piece too.  I just remember the name of the piece was the Candy Man.  LOL!