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Seeing Pink

Yesterday, I did a little printing on my Gelli-Plate – and maybe it was the color of the plastic table cloth…


But I was SEEING pink!  🙂


Maybe it was because I took a photo of these pretty pink roses in my yard before Jack Frost arrived:


Or seeing these blushing blueberry bushes:


I was definitely seeing PINK!


I’d love to hear how nature inspires you in your art making – I hope you share it with me!

Cheers! 🙂

The Puddle-Jumper

Perhaps you have seen this bird lately in your neighborhood?


Around here it means that Spring is just around the corner…

Time to put on your galoshes and jump some puddles!!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers!  🙂

P.S. Do you see any animals in the puddles or clouds?

Explosion Of Color – Part 2

One of the main reasons I like printing with the Gelli plate is I LOVE experimenting with COLOR!!

I also like to use a variety of items I have around the house to make PATTERNS on the Gelli plate.

Here are some of my experiments:

I used a pencil eraser to make the lines on the left and a jar lid and rubber comb to make the patterns on the right.

I used paper that had a raised pattern to create the print below:


The print on the left shows the positive and negative printing of a cardboard slide mount.  I also used a circle stencil and foam stamp.  I used a small pinwheel to create the patterns on the right.

You will see some of Golden’s High Flow Teal paint from yesterday’s post in the above left one…

A water bottle gives a watercolor effect to the leftover paint on the plate.  And this plastic comb makes a great pattern – the colors and patterns in this print reminds me of our flag:


I often like to make prints on deli paper because of its transparency.  I discovered that tissue paper works just as well (the purple print).  And I love printing on old maps:


I don’t like to waste any paint so I discovered that I could roll the excess paints from my rubber brayer onto pages from an old dictionary.  I used one of these pages in my weird bird on Wednesday.  I also like how it looks to print over papers I had previously collaged to a page:


I hope my printing experiments will spark some creative ideas for you to try on your own Gelli plate!  It is so very FUN!  Yet, you may want to try it outdoors.  Lol!

Happy Printing!!  🙂

A Happy Camper

The Happy Camper bird is often sighted in the wilderness near people enjoying the great outdoors:


Happy Weird Bird Wednesday friends!  🙂

P.S. Do you see any animals in the clouds?

Paint Outside The Lines

I remember trying to color “inside” the lines as a child.  It wasn’t always easy.  So I found it very freeing to allow my paint to drip outside the lines on this abstract:


If you recall, I started this painting as a rose on Aquabord.  You can see it below on the left.  I wasn’t happy with it so I decided to rinse off the watercolor which left a faint under painting that I kind of liked:

I then drew a grid pattern onto it with a pencil and started coloring it in with Neocolors.

It was fun to add water to the Neocolors and allow it to drip outside the grid lines.  At first it reminded me of a map of a countryside.  I was thinking of humorously naming it, “Turn Right At The Red Barn.”

I next decided to add some of my gelli-printed collage papers to it with Matte Medium:

I was very pleased with how it looked on the Aquabord.  I felt like it was almost done but it needed a little something, something…lol!  So I sparingly added red collage paper that had a very subtle circle pattern on it.  I am please with my results:


Now, I will seal it and frame it.  One of the nice things about Aquabord is you don’t have to frame it under glass once it is sealed.  I kind of like that concept!

I see myself doing more paintings with Aquabord.  Would love to know what you think!

Happy Experimenting!  🙂

The Eastern Wahoo Bird

I was recently inspired by Teresa Robeson at One Good Thing, who spoke about the Eastern Wahoo for National Arbor Day.  The name of this plant, also known as a Burning Bush – just sounded like one of my imaginary birds to me!

So here is my imaginary bird, the Eastern Wahoo:


I discovered on Wikipedia that the fruit of this specie has also been called, “Hearts Burning with Love,” therefore I added a few hearts to my female bird.

After learning from Teresa that some species of this plant is invasive, I decided to include a Western Wahoo – a bad boy bird of the west:


I hope my two weird birds gave you a smile today!  🙂

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!!

A Map of Discovery

I made a new discovery with my Gelli-printing yesterday.  I discovered how wonderful old maps take layers of color!  Here are a couple of my favorites:



Oh, the possibilities!!!  I can’t wait to use them in a collage!

I next discovered that I can print over my own drawings that I did with a fine, black Sharpie pen.  Here are some tree shapes I did:


I will probably cut these up and use them in a collage but I am excited to create a drawing that I could possibly draw, print and frame!

I made almost 100 prints yesterday.  Here are a few favorites on 90 lb hot press paper:




And some I did on deli paper:




Do you have a favorite color combination?  I’d love to hear from you!

I hope to show you how I am using some of my prints in a collage soon.

Happy Exploring!  🙂