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Wildly Beautiful

Today’s weird bird is…


Wildly beautiful!

I used packing tape to copy partial images from clothing catalogs and other magazines.

Below is one more… a lady and her little dog:


It was fun to use different dress descriptions from a clothing catalog and make them into one!

I hope these collages give you a smile today!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday! 

Cheers! 🙂

A Flock of Birds?

If a group of Buzzards is a wake –                                                                             Would my imaginary flock be a fake?

packing tape bird - 3

Geese on the ground is a gaggle –                                                                                Does this make a straying fake a straggle?

Falcons are called a cast –                                                                                                 So a loud straggle could be a blast?

packing tape bird - 2

Ducks in the water are a paddling –                                                                                Do you think a moving blast is a rattling?

The plural of chickens are called a peep –                                                                         Does this squeaky nonsense make you weep?

packing tape bird - 1

Having fun playing with color and the collective names of birds!

Wishing you a day of creative play!  🙂