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Peacock Feathers

The colors in this leaf print remind me of peacock feathers:

leaf printing with all techniques

I printed my leaves with acrylic paints.  I then decided to experiment and combine watercolor, crayon resist and water soluble markers.

I would not have thought of combining these techniques if I had not taken Carla Sonheim’s FREE Art classes for Kids!

I started playing and had so much fun!

multi leafs

I have found a new way to create papers for my collages!

bright pink leaf print

I just love the bright colors!

I also had to make a bird!

leaf printed bird

Happy Creating!  🙂

A Heart of Gratitude

I was playing with some new tubes of watercolor today and created this:

Gratitude painting

It says, “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy and change ordinary opportunities into Blessings.”                               – William Arthur Ward

I tore the definition of gratitude from a Children’s dictionary and used one of my gelli-prints for the heart.  I glued them to 140 lb cold press watercolor paper using Matte Medium.  After it dried, I applied the watercolors.

I used Winsor & Newton watercolors in Opera Rose, Prussian Blue, Cobalt Turquoise Light and Quinacridone Gold.  They aren’t colors I normally use but I like how they blended into each other.

May your heart be filled with gratitude today!  🙂

Color Me Tropical!

Many of you know that I like to take online art classes.  They challenge me to “think outside the paint box.”  A recent assignment from Lynn Whipple in “The Year of The Spark” which is a year long creativity class co-taught with Carla Sonheim – was to create a self-portrait using a limited palette.

I like bright colors!  Can you tell?

self portrait limited palette

I started my self-portrait by making a couple of quick sketches.

self portrait sketches

I then decided on my 5 colors for my limited palette.  They have a tropical feel, don’t you think?

self portrait sketch on canvas board

I then drew myself with a black sharpie pen on a 8×10 inch canvas board.

self portrait limited palette

I quickly painted using Golden fluid acrylics mixed with gloss medium.  I did this in about 5 minutes so that I wouldn’t over think it.

It was really fun!  I don’t know how much it looks like me but it does show my cheerful personality!  🙂

I challenge you to create a self-portrait with a limited color palette!  You may be surprised!

“The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”  – Coco Chanel

Happy Painting!  🙂

Bee-U-tiFul Bird – Part 2

Yesterday, I shared a color pencil drawing of the beautiful Bee-Eater Bird.

Today, I thought it would be fun to create a cut-out of this bird and play with color.

teal paper

I started with 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper.  I chose Golden Fluid Acrylics in Quinacridone Magenta, Cobalt Turquois, Diarylide Yellow and Transparent Pyrrole Orange to play with on my paper:

acrylic paint on watercolor cold press paper

Like a glass of red wine, it was fun to swirl my paints around with a paint brush and watch the colors blend into each other.  I savored the colors and applied them slowly so they wouldn’t become mud.  I also applied some colors with a palette knife.  I found this process to be quite relaxing.

Next, I added some doodles with a Zig Writer pen.  I am taking Diane Culhane’s class – Doings of a Doodle – so decided to add it here:

Doodle left to right

It looks a bit like a written language, don’t you think?  But they are just doodles drawn left to right, without lifting my pen.

Next, I took a sheet of clear mylar film and laid it over my color pencil drawing of my Bee-Eater Bird.  I used a black marker to outline it and cut out its shape.

bee eater bird on mylar stencil

I then took my “stencil” and laid it over my painted paper.  Since the image was on clear film, I could play with the placement on my paper before cutting out the image.   I wanted to cut out the image so I could play with different background colors:

Mat color papers

It was fun to see which backgrounds made my birds sing and which ones did not.

Raspberry pink paper

lime green

Purple paper

Orange paper

blue paper

teal paper

pink paper

What is your favorite?

HAPPY creating!!

A Bird’s Eye View

I was experimenting with drawing gum and acrylic paints yesterday as part of an online class I’m taking with Diane Culhane.  I decided to collage some of my own patterned paper that I posted here yesterday.  I then added some white gel pen and black micron pen.

Bird's Eye View - Drawing Gum & my own pattern collage

This looks like flowers from a bird’s point of view.

I also created a flower with the drawing gum on white paper and then added 2 layers of acrylic paints:  Yellow and Red.  On this one I just doodled with the black micron pen after the paint was dry and the drawing gum removed.

Drawing Gum Flower with black micron pen

Catch Snowflakes On Your Beak

I am taking Diane Culhane’s online class, Paint Your Garden that is hosted by Carla Sonheim.  You can find out more about it here:  http://www.carlasonheim.com/paint-your-garden-with-diane-culhane/

Of course I had to create a bird!

Catch Snowflakes on Your Beak - Day 30

It says:  Catch snowflakes on your beak!