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Rocking It…

OK, I agree, my title is a bit punny for one of the last five watercolors I did in July:


Next, I decided to expand my horizons (so to speak) and painted this landscape:


Not a subject I normally paint, so I was pleased with it… below is my reference photo I used from a photo I took of a nearby creek:


We recently had a full moon that inspired these summer stars:


I enjoyed playing with a dagger brush and different color combinations for them.

Time was short so I experimented to create this fantastic feather:


I used a straw to blow wet pools of watercolor paint and gold acrylic ink to give it some pizazz!  The collaged letter, “F” I created from one of my leftover watercolor circles from a previous project.

I ended my last painting for July with this door and quote:


I was ready to close the “door” on this project and start something new!

Thank you ALL for your encouragement on this month’s project, as always, I appreciate your kind comments and likes of support… it means so much to me!

Cheers! 🙂

Common Wildflowers

I like to pick a few wildflowers when I’m at the lake so that I can study and paint them in watercolor.

I found Common Tansy and Common Yarrow wildflowers yesterday at the lake.  They may be common in name but not common for me to paint!

I tried to paint them loosely and then added a few details with a BROWN micron pen to change things up a little.


I struggled with painting the Birch bark so I realize it looks a bit strange.  😉

Here is a photo of what I was trying to paint:


I like the burst of red from the cherry, how about you?  I thought it was a good way to end #World Watercolor Month as today is the last day to celebrate  – thanks Charlie at doodlewash.com  for making it such a fun month!

Cheers!  🙂

Blueberries and Cherries

I love summer when the berries and cherries are ripe for picking!

We had such a wet Spring that I had the best crop of blueberries in my yard!  Of course I had to paint them with my new set of Rembrandt watercolor paints! 🙂

I made a light pencil sketch first and then painted wet into wet.  I added sketchy details with a micron black pen after the watercolor had dried.  It is more abstract than realistic but I like it.

Pie cherries were ripe at the lake last weekend in the neighbor’s yard – these are sour cherries – not good for eating off the tree but delish for pies, that is if the Robins don’t eat them first!

I picked a few to paint in my art journal:

I love those bright reds, don’t you?!

It was super fun to experiment in different painting styles.

Do you have a favorite summer fruit?  I hope you share it with me!

Happy Summer!  Cheers! 🙂

A Pine Cone Study

A friend at the lake brought me this wonderful dish of pine cones recently:


She thought I might enjoy painting them… And I did!


It amazes me how such a simple subject can bring me so much JOY to paint!

I noticed how one of the greener pine cones reminded me of a pineapple.

May you find beauty in what you treasure today!

Cheers! 🙂

Watercolor Rocks!

OK, I must confess… watercolor is NOT my chosen art medium BUT when I spent some time splashing the paint around like yesterday at the lake for World Watercolor Month, it really does ROCK!


This is one of the reasons I like this mountain lake so much – it is soooo clean that you can actually SEE the rocks!


Happy Summer!

Cheers! 🙂


Painting On Vacation – Part 1

I thought that you might enjoy seeing my watercolor paintings in my art journal during my lake vacation.  I posted them on Instagram but I know that some of you aren’t on IG so this is for you!  And it is kind of fun to see them all together.  🙂

I have decided to show it in two posts.  Here is my first week:


I started with a simple leaf study on Sunday, July 17 and painted it 3 times.  I have the actual leaf in the photo above.  It was really fun to paint it more than once.

On Monday, July 18, I painted this view from the beach.  I haven’t done too many landscapes so it was fun to try one:

On Tuesday, July 19, I gathered a few rocks from the beach and painted them.  I found painting beach rocks to be very meditative:


When walking in the woods on Wednesday, July 20, I discovered this rare find – it is called, Indian Pipe or Ghost flower:

It was one of my more difficult subjects to paint as I had to paint the shadows.

Thursday, July 21, we had a perfectly, blue-sky kind of day!  The best weather all week.  I found this Thimbleberry Bush and clipped a couple of stems to paint:

On Friday, July 22, I painted this dragonfly from a photo I had taken previously.  I really liked how it turned out:


On Saturday, I painted this more complex subject of Bunchberries from a photo I took from a walk along a path:

I ran out of time and patience on it.  I wasn’t pleased with my background but I decided to give it a rest.  I kept reminding myself that it is about practice NOT perfection…

On Sunday, July 24, I tried another challenging subject – beach toys on the beach from this photo:

I learned a lot during my first week of painting while on vacation.  I enjoyed trying a variety of subjects and I didn’t give up when I struggled.  YAY!

I’m not sure I would have painted in watercolor EVERY day if it wasn’t for Charlie at Doodlewash who started World Watercolor Month for July.  (Note the group is now called, World Watercolor Group).   Thanks Charlie for inspiring me!

I will post my photos for the second week of my lake vacation on Thursday, August 4th.

Happy Painting!  🙂


Remember the Nasturtium flowers I drew in my art journal last month?  Well, I decided to try painting them loosely in watercolors this week.

I started with painting wet-into-wet on 140 lb cold press paper.  You can see it in the photo on the left.  It was a cloudy day so perfect weather for painting outside.

I had my trusty helper, Jack, close by:


So I was ready to begin.  I tried not to overthink it:

I added a few more details with watercolor:


I couldn’t leave it alone so I added a few color pencil details…


I didn’t like the look of the color pencils so I tried adding some watercolor pencils.  But the more I fiddled with it, the more I disliked it.  So I decided to give it a rest and come back to it later.

Here is one more photo for you to enjoy.  I just love these bright orange flowers!


Wishing you a sunny Sunday and happy painting!  🙂

Field Drawing Kit

I plan to do a little “plein-air” painting today – this means painting outdoors.

I sketched a Field Drawing Kit to help me remember what to bring:

Field Drawing Kit sketch

I enjoy the spontaneity of painting outside.  I spend less time thinking and just paint.

And postcards are the perfect size!

I am hoping to paint the wild rose:

Wild Rose - 1

Wild rose bud

And who knows the surprises nature will have in store for me!

Happy Creating!