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Opposites Attract…

Opposites attract…

You say blue and I say orange,

Love is color blind…


When I was creating my hearts yesterday, I noticed how cool to match two different heart “halves” to create a whole.

It reminded me of my hubby and I… he says, “Blue,” and I say, “Orange!”  So true!! Lol! ☺️

And yet we will be married 34 years in May!  😮 Seems like just yesterday that we said, “I do!”


If you were to combine two different hearts together, what would it look like?!

Cheers! ❤️

100 Tropical Hearts

I was experimenting with acrylic paint and India ink yesterday….

And I created this tropical Flamingo by drawing with an ink dropper and then scraping acrylic paint over it:


Isn’t it wild?! 😉

I next experimented with some drips:


Then I cut this paper into strips and 100 tropical hearts:


I plan to use them in my art journals… what would you do with them?


I hope you have a LOVEly Monday!

Cheers! 🙂

Bee-U-tiFul Bird – Part 2

Yesterday, I shared a color pencil drawing of the beautiful Bee-Eater Bird.

Today, I thought it would be fun to create a cut-out of this bird and play with color.

teal paper

I started with 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper.  I chose Golden Fluid Acrylics in Quinacridone Magenta, Cobalt Turquois, Diarylide Yellow and Transparent Pyrrole Orange to play with on my paper:

acrylic paint on watercolor cold press paper

Like a glass of red wine, it was fun to swirl my paints around with a paint brush and watch the colors blend into each other.  I savored the colors and applied them slowly so they wouldn’t become mud.  I also applied some colors with a palette knife.  I found this process to be quite relaxing.

Next, I added some doodles with a Zig Writer pen.  I am taking Diane Culhane’s class – Doings of a Doodle – so decided to add it here:

Doodle left to right

It looks a bit like a written language, don’t you think?  But they are just doodles drawn left to right, without lifting my pen.

Next, I took a sheet of clear mylar film and laid it over my color pencil drawing of my Bee-Eater Bird.  I used a black marker to outline it and cut out its shape.

bee eater bird on mylar stencil

I then took my “stencil” and laid it over my painted paper.  Since the image was on clear film, I could play with the placement on my paper before cutting out the image.   I wanted to cut out the image so I could play with different background colors:

Mat color papers

It was fun to see which backgrounds made my birds sing and which ones did not.

Raspberry pink paper

lime green

Purple paper

Orange paper

blue paper

teal paper

pink paper

What is your favorite?

HAPPY creating!!