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Smart Picks…

I promised to show you a project using my collaged color wheels from last week:  A Slice of Color, Please!

I was looking through a magazine and these smart picks showed up while making this silly collage:


Did you know that peas contain a type of antioxidant that may protect against inflammatory-related diseases?

After making this collage, I had peas for dinner last night! Lol!

Pass the peas, please!

Cheers! 🙂

Please Pass The Peas!

I started this pea doodle over a week ago!  You can find it here.

After MANY hours, I have finally completed it to my satisfaction:

completed pea doodle

I started my doodle sketch with black pen, added some watercolor and then finished it with Prismacolor pencils.

Look forward to hearing what you think!  🙂

Happy Creating!