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Wild Background

I like to sketch REAL birds every now and then…

These quick sketches inspired today’s hat wearing weird bird:

I like how the wild background makes the pencil sketch stand out.

What do you think?

On a sad note, I recently had to say goodbye to my sweet kitty, Jack who I have blogged about in several posts.

This picture shows Jack lying on the dried Catmint in our yard. One of his favorite spots to soak up the sunshine!

Jack is no longer in pain but I miss him a great deal. Always hard to loose a furry friend.

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

Rosy Bonnets

One of nature’s art subjects I enjoy drawing and painting…


Paper collage using Gelli-plate prints from old books:

When Pete Hillman recently posted a photo of Rosy Bonnet mushrooms…

I had to try drawing them in pencil and color pencils in my art journal:

Paper collage came next (first photo) and tomorrow, I hope to try watercolor!

I’m having fun exploring this mushroom in different art mediums…

Thanks Pete for the inspiration with your awesome photos!!

What art subjects from nature grab your attention?

Cheers! 🙂

A Value Study

I’m taking an online art class with Karine Swenson, hosted by Carla Sonheim…  (Yes, I know I’m addicted to online art classes!)  This one is a little different for me as it is learning to slow down, observe and draw a subject of my choosing.

I chose a pear.  Sounds PEAR-fectly easy, doesn’t it?


I have done several sketches of this golden fruit and it is not as easy as it apPEARS!

These are some scribbly pencil studies I did yesterday:


The one with the added shadows is my pick of the crop!

Onto a value study with Conte crayons.  The first one looks a little like a leaning tower of PEARZA! Lol!  🙂

It really helps to look at a photo of what you are trying to draw – as I could SEE where I needed to make some corrections:


A little more balanced now… I still need to draw it MANY more times, PEARhaps!

The value study is to help me understand my subject better before I paint it.  I think I will try to paint in watercolors and acrylic next week.

Karine said that one of her teachers told her, “the subject doesn’t have to be perfect, just believable.”  Good advice.

Happy Monday!

Cheers! 🙂

Drawing Apples

One of the assignments in the online class I recently did with Lendon Noe (see yesterday’s post for more information about the online class I took) was drawing apples.

I drew this apple in my sketchbook yesterday:


It felt really great to just DRAW without thinking about the outcome…

I used to do a lot of drawing in pencil when I was a child but then I let “other people’s opinions” stop me from doing what I loved.

This class helped me to ENJOY drawing again without thinking about the finished product.

One of our assignments was to draw apples – quickly – in any art medium – on a cheap pad of tracing paper.  It helped me to look at a REAL apple yet I think it REALly helped me to JUST DRAW…Without any thought of doing it RIGHT or WRONG!!

Below are my favorite apples I drew on tracing paper – some of the art mediums bled through to other pages which I think is kind of cool:

I hope my drawings encourage you to just DRAW and enjoy what you discover!

Cheers!  🙂

A Scary Resemblance

A little spooky fun for Halloween:


Have a great day!  😉

Happiness Is…

A good nap!  🙂

I felt like I spent the three-day weekend eating and napping.  We had cloudy weather at the lake so it forced me to slow down and read… which always ends in a nap!  Lol!

I also did some sketches of people in my art journals.  I got the idea from Cat Bennett to paste a person’s image on the left side of your journal and then draw the person on the right side.  I chose photos from magazines.

I first tried some pencil sketches:



I am starting to see improvements in my sketches which I find this very exciting!

Next, I used a Pentel brush pen which really forced me to stay loose:



I also did one from my imagination using blues and oranges in color pencils:


These were all so fun!  I’m learning that happiness is….drawing people too!

Happy Napping and Drawing!  🙂

Garlic Prep

I don’t know about you…but I LOVE GARLIC!!!  And since today is National Garlic Day, I just had to celebrate!

In preparation for the day, I decided to sketch a garlic bulb in three different art mediums in my sketchbook yesterday:


I would also like to paint them in watercolor and will post later today when I do!  🙂

There is nothing like the smell of garlic roasting in the oven!  Here is one recipe I found at this link:  http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/roasted_garlic/

How do you like to use fresh garlic?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Drawing!  🙂

A Snow Bird?

I wrote this poem in December 2007 for my Christmas letter:


Oh, bird of snow, where do you go

into the clouds so high?

Do you touch the angels wings

and help the snowflakes fly?

Do you land on boughs of fir

in landscapes of pure white?

And do you ever sing a song

that brings our ears delight?

And now on a more humorous note…


 “Somehow Clara understood, this was NOT what it means to be a snow bird!”

I wish I could “fly” south for the winter!  Four seasons are for the birds!

Hope this gives you a smile today!  😄

That’s Incredible Too!

My magazine collage from yesterday helped me create these drawings today in my art journal:


I mixed up the order from this collage:


I drew my shapes with a black .01 Micron pen and the shaded with pencil. I like to use a blending stump to shade my pencil.

This exercise helps “train” my eyes to draw the shapes I see and not what I think I see. It also helps me learn how to shade my images to give them dimension.

And it gives me new ideas for my doodles!

I found that I liked the simple shapes best!  What about you?  I’d love to hear what you think!

Happy Drawing!  😄


Set The Table

I served up this haiku for you as part of my Word Play painting class with Lynn Whipple:

haiku dish in book

And here is the haiku:

set the table haiku in book

It says:  Set the table soon, Mother too restless sometimes, Prepared dishes work.

I used an old book and created the haiku with the words written on the page.  Challenging but fun!  🙂

It reminded me of all the times my mother would tell me to set the table for dinner and how I whined about it.  As an adult, I now realize all the work that went into the delicious meal mom made…setting the table was definitely the easy part.

It’s funny how art can trigger memories of our past.

This haiku also reminded me of an online art class I took last November in 2014 from Diane Culhane called, “Table Top Drawing and Painting.”  A very fun class!  One of our assignments was to draw our table settings, such as this one:

Lesson 1 - 1

I hope to do more of these drawings since the holidays will be coming up soon!

Happy Creating!  🙂